Recently Discovered Triangle Centers

Since 1980, quite a number of triangle centers have found their way into journals and books. In one way or another, each center is remarkably simple - enough so that many people, when they first view these centers, wonder how they escaped notice until late in the twentieth century.

Some of them (e.g. Apollonius point, Ajima-Malfatti points, Morley centers) arise from classical configurations. Others were found with the help of visualization software, such as Geometer's Sketchpad. Still others were found using number-crunching computer programs that looped through thousands of possibilities and outprinted exceptional cases. Finally, some of them were found by sheer geometric (and algebraic!) mental power, curiosity, persistence, and luck.

Here is a clickable list. You will find each center is described, sketched (by Geometer's Sketchpad), and "pedigreed" by trilinear coordinates.


Schiffler Point
Exeter Point
Parry Point
Congruent Isoscelizers Point
Yff Center of Congruence
Isoperimetric Point and Equal Detour Point
Ajima-Malfatti Points
Yff-Malfatti Point
Apollonius Point
Morley Centers
Hofstadter Points
Equal Parallelians Point
Clawson Point
Bailey Point

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