ART 322 Digital Imaging

Instructed by Ralph Larmann
Office: FA203 / Hours: 9-11 am MWF or by appointment


January 13-15

Introduction to Macs, software, hardware.
"The Digital Darkroom"
Assignment 1: Research 3 digital cameras and create a written document of the characteristics of each.
Read Chapter 1.
Quiz 1.

January 20-22

"Digital Cameras and Image Capture"
Assignment 2: Capture images of Chinese New Year (Year of the Monkey)
Read Chapter 2.
Quiz 2.

January 27-29

"Image Acquisition and Properties"
Assignment 3: Synthesis and Composition-theme: Groundhog Day
Read Chapter 3.
Quiz 3.

February 3-5

"Alternate Image Acquisition Applications and File Management"
Assignment 4: Creating Historical Reference-theme: the Civil War (Brady)
Read Chapter 4.
Quiz 4.

February 10-12

"Fundamentals of Image Editing"
Assignment 5: Valentine or Valentine's Day
Read Chapter 5.
Quiz 5.

February 17-19

"Advanced Imaging Techniques"
Assignment 6: Implied Movement, Transparency, Controlling Color-theme: Mardi Gras
Read Chapter 6.
Quiz 6.

February 24-26

"Color Management: A Digital Photographer's Approach"
Assignment 7: Rites of Spring, A Photodocumentary Project
Read Chapter 7.
Quiz 7.

March 2-4 "Output: Creating Image Products"
Assignment 8: Photgraphy for Web, Tabloid, or Publication Usage-theme: St. Patrick's Day
Read Chapter 8.
March 16-18 "Output Creating Image Products"
Assignment 9: Finishing and Preparation for Use-theme: equilibrium
Quiz 8.
March 23-25

"Service Bureaus: Outsourcing Digital Photography Services"
Assignment 10: High-Quality Output-theme: April Fool
Read Chapter 9.
Quiz 9.

March 30-April1 "Copyright: An Image-Maker's Guide to Intellectual Property Rights"
Assignment 11: Watermarking and Copyright Protection-theme: Easter
Read Chapter 10.
Quiz 10.
April 6-8 "Portfolio and Slide Shooting"
Assignment 12: Portfolio Preparation
April 13-15 "Marketing and Web Presence"
Assignment 13: Using Online services to show your work
April 20-22 "Individual Topics"
Assignment 14: Open Assignment
April 27-Finals Week "Individual Topics and Final Critique"
Individual Meetings and Group Critique