ART 322 Digital Imaging

Instructed by Ralph Larmann
Office: FA203 / Hours: 9-11 am MWF or by appointment


Steve Bender

Megan Fore

P. J. Grimm

Eun-Young Han

Ki-Yeon Hwang

Casey Kurtz

Woo Suck Lee

Elise McAuley

Katy Wright

Project 3

Using your digital camera, collect 16 images related to Groundhog's Day. Research the holiday and its characteristics to find information related to the kind of images that would be appropriate. In three additional compositions, take two of the images and merge them into one image by superimposing and using layers.

At least 16 photos taken with your camera and 3 manipulated images burned on a CD-ROM and marked with your username. Any size, any resolution.