ART 322 Digital Imaging

Instructed by Ralph Larmann
Office: FA203 / Hours: 9-11 am MWF or by appointment



  1. Arrange your work area.
  2. Log in using your UE user ID (email) and password.
  3. Open your Preferences (the light switch at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Open my account and change your password (write this down and put it in your wallet/purse).
  5. You may reconfigure the iDock at the bottom (optional)
  6. Click on the @ icon next to the Trash (this should automatically take you to Mac OSX information). Read through the information regarding features available on your eMac.
  7. Go to Home (House icon) Mac HD
  8. Open by double clicking (click two times, quickly).
  9. Choose Applications
  10. Open an application and every twenty minutes hold down the command key and push 's' (this will save all the work you will have done to that point).
  11. When finishing or saving a document, make sure that it is in your Documents folder, then save the file.
  12. Drag the saved files to a blank CD (or reuseable one)(see Saving to a CD-ROM).
  13. Close all applications
  14. Log out (important!)(under the Apple pull down menu in the upper left corner of your screen).

  1. Push the Eject key (top right of keyboard).
  2. Place CD in tray
  3. Push Eject key again to insert CD.
  4. Choose Finder in the pull down menu which will appear in the dialog box.
  5. Title the disc (today's date works well).
  6. Verify name by hitting OK.
  7. Open Finder (bottom left in iDock).
  8. Choose to view files and applications in 3 column mode.
  9. Drag the icons of saved files to the CD.
  10. Double click the CD to check to see if all files have been transferred correctly.
  11. Go to File in the pull down menu at the top of your screen.
  12. Pull down to Burn Disc.
  13. Click Burn.
  14. Push the Eject key to remove the saved files.

  1. Go to File at the top of your screen and pull down to Print.
  2. Choose your printer from the pull down menu in the dialog box.
  3. Check all ptions to make sure they are correct.
  4. Hit the Print button.
  5. Retrieve your print from the printer.