Ralph Larmann

Art Department

University of Evansville

ART 105 Introduction to the Visual Arts
Spring 2006

Instructed by Ralph M. Larmann
Office: FA 203, 479-2782 / Hours: 9-11 MWF or by appointment

Required text: Understanding Art, by Lois Fichner-Rathus

Koch Center Mural
design by Shawn Zorka
created by UE Department of Art

Lecture. Studies architecture, painting, and sculpture with emphasis on social and aesthetic considerations.

To introduce the non-art student to aspects of visual arts and to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of visual forms and their history.

There will be four examinations during the term. Each is worth 100 points and is 10% of the final term grade. Anyone who arrives after the exam has been distributed will not be able to take the exam. Makeup exams and the times that they are to be administered are completely at the discretion of the instructor. There is no guarantee that a makeup will be given. To insure consideration for a makeup exam, contact the instructor within 24 hours before or after the scheduled exam.

A comprehensive final worth 15% of the final semester grade will be given and will cover all course material from the text and that presented in class during the term. The final exam will be administered at the time assigned by the University Registrar.

One group discussion, one writing, and one art assignment will be given each worth 15% of the final grade.

10 point quizzes may be given on days when reading assignments are due. Quiz grades will be used to determine final grades when an average falls on a borderline.

Final grades based on term average.
100-91.0 = A, 90.9-90.0 = A-, 89.9-89.0 = B+, 88.9-83.0 = B, 82.9-80.0 = B-, 79.9-79.0 = C+, 78.9-73.0 = C, 72.9-70.0 = C-, 69.9-68.0 = D+, 67.9-60.0 = D, 59.9 and below = F

Class attendance is mandatory. Any unexcused absences in excess of 3 may result in a 10% term grade reduction.

Late assignments will receive a one-letter grade reduction. No work submitted after the final exam will be considered. Unfinished work will not be accepted. All course work is expected to be finished and submitted for credit by the stated deadline.

I will neither give or receive unauthorized aid nor will I tolerate an environment which condones the use of unauthorized aid.

Mural at Aldersgate United Methodist
Ralph Murrell Larmann
painted by UE Department of Art



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