My Teaching

Olmsted In Spring

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching is learning in reverse; that is, breaking down the steps of learning to allow others to follow that path.  Whether clarifying particularly difficult concepts or adding pieces into a growing puzzle picture, my role as instructor is to build the students’ understanding of both the subject and the context in which it exists.  I approach teaching with three goals in mind: to encourage students to experience the perspectives of others, to mentor students in the university experience, and to continue to develop new pathways for my students to participate in Sociology.

Courses Offered

SOC 105- Introduction to Sociology
SOC 105- Introduction to Sociology- Online
SOC 105H- Introduction to Sociology- Honors
SOC 230- Social Problems in the Modern World
SOC 230- Social Problems in the Modern World- Online
SOC 235- Social Research Methods
SOC 301- Love, Sex, and Society
SOC 335- Marriage and Family
SOC 350- Popular Culture
SOC 386- Death and Dying
SOC 390- Principles of Sociological Theory
SOC 415- Globalization and the Environment

SOC 435- Sex, Gender, and Sexualities
SOC 450- Senior Seminar in Sociology
SOC 460- Aging and Society
SOC 480- Undergraduate Research in Sociology

For a detailed description of each course I teach and the semesters they are offered, please click on "Course Descriptions" under "Links."