Site Tours: September 23, 2017

This past week, Tin City excavators worked in more ways than one. A few crewmembers were challenged to provide tours to the campus community on Saturday the 23rd.

This turned into a resounding success many people going through the tours. We were also visited by a young man who is completing his archaeology merit badge for Scouts. He was allowed to join in with the crew and excavate. He was thrilled to be involved, as we were informed. This wrapped up one day of digging that week.

Week of September 27, 2017

The Tin City crew return the following Wednesday, the 27th, to continue work. Many new artifacts are found even under some difficult soil conditions. Many sentiments were, "It is hard as cement." Consequently, during the week one square found a piece of cement which was painted "Battleship Gray".

This is interesting because Tin City was built on concrete floors of the same color. We now know, after removal that this piece is in fact a piece of the flooring.


Image 1: Photo of Tin City flooring, battleship grey.