Week of September 20th, 2017

Tin City has returned. Our first true day of excavation on the Tin City site was September 20th. Nature does as nature does and made the job of the eleven excavators far from easy. It was a very hot, humid, sunny day but they dug on.

One pair of excavators had a very difficult time with their square due to the rain from the days prior. The trench had flooded causing them to clean up after nature with buckets and sponges aplenty. Out of several squares; teams found wires, and glass, and pebbles - oh my.

Two interesting finds were:
  • a possible button from one trench
  • a glass shard that has the characteristics of a Coca-Cola bottle
With further research these artifacts should be understood.


Image 1: A UE Student from 2011 excavates in the mud