The Teaching Portfolio of Ralph Murrell Larmann

The Process of Teaching Intermediate Students (learning in three-dimensions)

The belief that one will reach their destination is the motivation that compels one to continue a journey. A learner must trust that their work is not in vain before they will invest themselves. By making connections to the world of professionals a journeyman artist can begin to trust in themselves and in the process. The individual development of a student is paramount and the individualized resolution of problems is one of infinite possibilities. I often only listen and offer help in finding a good answer in a universe where every possibility may exist. Rather than advocating a linear process, I expect a student to be global in their search for a good answer.

The process of fresco painting was chosen by this student and I guided him through the many layers and constructions that must occur before the image is even painted. Fresco is akin to sculpture because the creation of the working surface takes layers of concrete, hydrated lime and aggregates.

ART 340 Painting syllabus

intermediate student work
fresco painting