The Teaching Portfolio of Ralph Murrell Larmann

Comments by others on the teaching of Ralph Murrell Larmann

  • "He is a consummate teacher who delivers lectures that clearly and enthusiastically articulate his points without resorting to jargon or posturing. Students not only listen intently to this communicator, they understand; they respond. His response to student work is truly impressive, for he has the ability to critique and dissect with a clear-cut, well-reasoned approach full of positive insight and helpful suggestions."
    Jerry Johnson, Art Department Chair, Troy State University

  • "He has drastically raised the standards and thus the quality of the drawings and paintings that our students produce. At the same time, he has been sincerely compassionate and sensitive toward the difficult challenges that face college students. He demands a great deal from his students. Along with promptness and quality work, he requires that they take pride in themselves for becoming artists. Due to the pressures of society, family and culture, some of our art majors feel that they are becoming artists because of what they lack and not for their strengths. Mr. Larmann instills pride into his students, and they work very diligently for him."
    Steven Ochs, Associate Professor of Art, Southern Arkansas University.

  • "His knowledge of art with strong understanding of history, idea, concept development and creative teaching methodology have benefitted his students who are constantly challenged to explore art. As a result, his students demonstrate excellent understanding of the principles of art.
    Students find comfort in his positive outlook; approaching him to discuss issues ranging from class advisement to scholarships and even personal problems. He shows deep concern about development in his students."
    Kok Cheow Yeoh, Ph.D. candidate, Texas Tech University

  • "Mr. Larmann makes you appreciate your own art better by pushing your performance."
    Drawing Student, Spring 1999, Southern Arkansas University

  • "The instructor was the by far the best aspect of this course. I was inspired to push myself to the limit. He increased my interest in painting, if that's possible. I feel like I've improved as an artist and will continue to do so under his instruction."
    Painting Student, Spring 1997, Southern Arkansas University

  • "(He) gave us different ways to look at the situation. Told us to explore each possibility. Heightened my interest in painting more."
    Painting Student, Spring 1997, Southern Arkansas University