The Teaching Portfolio of Ralph Murrell Larmann

The Process of Teaching Introductory Students (learning in two-dimensions)

At the core of every learning experience is the distribution of tools. Every learning participant must receive fundamental ideas and knowledge and learn to use them in an effective way. To best investigate these tools, I create limitations for a common ground of experience. The individual can then gauge the effectiveness of an idea, technique or object based on the situation. I limit introductory-level students to a two-dimensional world at first. It is something like using a map instead of a globe to prepare for a journey.

The image at the right is a design project that my freshman design students do which places strict limits on the options a student has. This results in a focus on the fundamental principles of design. This work was created using a single word (in this case a Chinese word for "love") that is repeated over and over to create values of gray and depict a representational image.

ART 210 Design syllabus

introductory student work
stamped black and white design