ART 213 Computer Graphicsinstructed by Ralph Larmann

T-T 2:45-4 pmHyde 224

Magical Wish Project: Scanning and Manipulation

example by S. Zorka, Fall 2000




The Magical Wish

You have been fortunate enough to meet a short red-bearded fellow dressed all in green (maybe the Notre Dame mascot). He tells you that he cannot leave unless you release him by making one wish (sounds a lot like a leprechaun). The wish must somehow change your life, but you must make a wish or the little fellow must stay with you and make your life a living hell. The wish can only be fulfilled if you place your own image into another environment and give it to the strange little man.

Here are your choices and guidelines:

Size, Mode, and File Type:
The image size must be 3.5" x 5" or 5" x 3.5" at 72dpi. It will be done in RGB mode, then saved as a JPEG file format. This will make the image web compatible and other leprechauns (maybe gnomes) can use the web to see what good work the little green fellow has done.

Picture and Subject
You must scan in your image before you begin. The wish must include you as a participant in a fantasy dream world or somehow benefiting from your wish. This is an opportunity for you to travel abroad to any place, time or dimension either real or imagined. You can make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex or live the life you know that you deserve. Own the sort of items like houses and cars that only gods, kings, and the very wealthy would ever have the ability to own. Defy the laws of nature. Attain the position that you've always dreamed of. Make friends with celebrities and heads of State. Become a celebrity or head of State. The image should be very descriptive, use good composition, and clearly show your features so that others will recognize you.

Unfortunately, this offer is limited. You must have the finished picture finished and placed in the group shared folder by 5:00 p.m. on November 6, 2003. Unless this is done on time your wish will not come true and the little red-bearded guy will make your life uncomfortable.

The final will be named with your wish-username.jpg
100 points total- due 5:00 pm., November 6, 2003

Examples of Student Work from Fall 2000



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