ART 213 Computer Graphicsinstructed by Ralph Larmann

T-T 2:45-4 pmHyde 224

Galaxy 2 Project: Importing and Manipulation

example by J. Chapman, Fall 2000




Photoshop: Galaxy 2

Open the Adobe Illustrator project "the Galaxy" in Photoshop. This project must be derived from ""
Size requirement: 4" x 6" or 6" x 4" and the original must be used in the final version. (you will need to adjust the canvas size or modify the size of the original in Illustrator)

You have one of these options:

The Search for Intelligent Life
You are creating a graphic to accompany an article. You can also write the story if you like. Fictional accounts are encouraged. Use the story title in the image.

Elvis was Here
You are creating an advertisement for an amusement park, which can only be visited if you are the victim of an alien abduction. Incorporate the words "Elvis was here" somewhere in the image.

Cosmic Karma
You create a package design for an out-of-this world product. If you like you can develop a logo. Make sure to use the name of the product. Translations into Venusian, Martian, and Jupiterian languages are encouraged. There's a big market for this stuff!

Honest Zaphod's
This is a web page for a company that sells used space vehicles. Honest Zaphod will guarantee 7 light years or your money back! This is essentially a proposal for a web site so no working links will be expected.

The final will be named with your galaxy-userid.psd
100 points total- due 5pm., October 30, 2003



Filters can quickly and effectively enhance a photoshop document.