ART 213 Computer Graphicsinstructed by Ralph Larmann

T-T 2:45-4 pmHyde 224

Enquiring Minds Project: Adjusting Resolution for Print

There is no example for this project.




Photoshop: Enquiring Minds

Size requirement: 4" x 5" vertical
Black and white
144 dpi

You work for a tabloid newspaper that is manufacturing this story:

Strange Dog Sitings Concern Nation
You are creating an image to accompany an article about how dogs have been seen in odd places doing strange things. The image must have a picture of at least one dog acquired from a web page, the image of person reacting to the dog's appearance or actions taken from stock photography, and a background that frames the event.

In this project you must change the resolution of the web image from 72 dpi to 144 dpi. The imported image cannot appear grainy or our readers will not believe that it actually happened (which it didn't). You must also make all the elements fit together so that it appears that the photo was taken as the event happened.

The image must emphasize the reaction of the person in the image. Flatten the image and don't forget that we are working in Grayscale. Print black and white image of the finished project, a 144 dpi jpg image, and your .psd working file.

The final will be named with your minds-userid.psd
100 points total- due 5pm., November 13, 2003



Filters can quickly and effectively enhance a photoshop document.