ART 213
Computer Graphics

instructed by
Ralph Larmann

University of Evansville

Art Department

Fall 2003

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Spring 2001

Fall 2000

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An introduction to basic uses of the Macintosh computer as used in the visual arts will be explored. Experimentation with various software packages and the development of the interchangeable and flexible moves from hands-on skills to electronic means will be emphasized.

-learn Mac basics. -master the basics of vector-based drawing software (Illustrator). -master basics of image editing, photo retouching, and color painting (Photoshop). -gain an introductory knowledge of page layout (QuarkXpress). -effectively use input/output devices. -learn and apply graphics terminology. -learn to troubleshoot and solve application-specific problems.

SUPPLIES: 1 cakebox of blank CDs or 3 rewritable CDs, 8.5" x 11" notebook, pencils.

90-100% ... A, 80-89% ... B, 70-79% ... C, 60-69% ... D, any grade point percentage falling below 60% ... F
Each student is required to attend all scheduled class meetings. If a student misses more than two scheduled class meetings, the final grade will be reduced one letter grade. Any student missing six or more unexcused absences will receive the grade of F.
Late assignments will receive a one-letter grade reduction. Unfinished work will not be accepted. All course work is expected to be finished and submitted for credit by the stated deadline.
PLAGIARISM: Any work that is directly derived from another students' work or ideas may be interpreted as a violation of the Honor Code.

Outside-of-Class Work;
Students should expect to spend approximately 3 hours outside of class time working on assignments. Open lab hours are posted for HH224.

Evaluated steps for most design projects:
a. identify problem
b. research and ideation
c. preliminary development
d. working methods
e. critique of comps
f. production of final
g. final assessment

Optional texts: There is no required text, but I recommend that students purchase introductory texts on Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7, and QuarkXpress 4.

This course is visually-intensive but there is no prerequisite.


ART 105
Introduction to the Visual Arts

ART 340

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