Thanks for visiting my site. I am an Associate Professor in the mathetmatics department of the University of Evansville. I started at UE in 2006 and received promotion to Associate Professor in 2012. Prior to coming to UE, I lecturered at the Ohio State University for a year after completing my PhD in 2005 under the supervision of Dr. Markus Linckelmann.

My research interests include a variety of topics in algebra. My original research was in finite group theory. Specifically the modular representation theory of finite groups. After several years, I began working on some problems in commutative algebra with my colleague Greg Oman. Engaging students in independent studies and research projects is also an interest of mine. If you are a UE student and would like to work with me, send an email or stop by my office to discuss possible projects. I also have a lot of interests in pedagogy,  and have done quite a bit of work on the recruitment and retention of STEM majors.

If you are a current student of mine, please follow the link to BlackBoard below. Course materials and information will be posted there.