Richard W. Maass, Ph.D.

Richard Maass

International Relations

International Security
U.S. Foreign Policy
Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Political Theory


University of Evansville


I am Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Evansville (UE). My specialty is International Relations (IR), particularly including international security, U.S. foreign policy, terrorism, and diplomatic history. I teach a range of IR courses to the students at UE, and am constantly thinking about new ways to engage student learning in these fascinating subjects. I am writing a book on annexation that explains how democracy and xenophobia ended U.S. territorial expansion, and am also pursuing related research projects on subjects including annexation, salami tactics, and the norm against conquest.

I earned my Ph.D. in 2013 from the University of Notre Dame, where I also taught four courses during the 2012-2013 academic year. The following year, I taught four courses as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Government at Cornell University, before joining UE in Fall 2014. I have published research in journals such as Diplomatic History, International Security, Terrorism and Political Violence, and Historical Methods, and have regularly presented research on panels at the annual conferences of the American Political Science Association, International Studies Association, and Midwest Political Science Association. I have also taught and presented research overseas, including teaching three masters-level courses in 2010 at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.