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Ralph Larmann

Art Department

University of Evansville

ART 200 Introduction to Studio Art

Instructed by Ralph Larmann
Office: FA203 / Hours: 9-11 am MWF or by appointment
Spring 2006

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REQUIRED MATERIALS: A package of art materials will be supplied by department. A lab fee of $50.00 must be paid before release of materials package.This package is required for the course.

Other materials that may be needed include an apron (or other protective clothing), rags, cardboard, 2 glass containers for solvent/medium, tools to manipulate clay, etc.


Medium 1: Drawing.
A collection of all the required drawings will form a portfolio of work that will be evaluated for a grade. These works will be periodically critiqued to evaluate craft, composition, and idea. Works from each of the following will be included in the portfolio: pencil-contour drawings, pencil/marker/charcoal-gesture drawings, self-portrait, still life, perspective drawing. Artist focus on Leonardo da Vinci.

Medium 2: Ceramics.
A fired, finished work will be required. This assignment involves the use of clay and the creation of a vessel. Artist focus on Robert Arneson.

Medium 3: Sculpture.
This group assignment will involve the construction of an object that articulates light/shadow in an interesting way. The material used will be cardboard, tape, glue, paint, etc. Artist focus on Claes Oldenberg.

Medium 4: Ink.
This assignment will focus on the attributes of negative space abstraction, and contrast. We will work on a series of abstract compositions working from an Eastern perspective. A portfolio of 10 ink works will be required. Artist focus: Fan Kuan and the literati of the Song Dynasty

Medium 5: Printmaking.
This assignment will involve the creation of an edition of 5 prints using linoleum relief printmaking methods. Artist focus: Albrecht Durer.

Research 1: Art Review.
Write a two-page paper on any work currently in the collection of the Evansville Museum. You must visit the museum in person and experience the work first-hand. The Museum is open every day except Mondays and is free to the public although there is a requested minmum donation. The paper will be approximately 1000 words in length and should reflect your reflections on a work or group of works that were viewed while visiting the Museum.

Medium 6: Watercolor.
This assignment will involve the use of watercolor to create imagery related to the landscape. Imagery borrowed from photographs may be used to complete this work. Special emphasis on using "white space" will be part of this assignment. Artist focus: Andrew Wyeth.

Medium 7: Oil Painting.
This work will be using oil paint to complete an image of a still life that will be set up in the class. It is important that students bring old clothes or a covering to protect their clothes. Never pour mineral spirits down the sink. Artist focus: Pieter Breughel the Elder

Assignment 1: Portfolio.
There will be discussion and the creation of a portfolio of work.

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