Piano Proficiency II

Technique: All major and harmonic minor scales, HT, 3 octaves in eighth notes, quarter note=60.
All major and minor arpeggios HT, 4 octaves in triplet eighth notes, quarter note=40.

Repertoire: Choose one piece from the following list, to be played from memory. Students may substitute another piece of comparable or greater difficulty. This category is waived upon successful completion of third or fourth semester applied keyboard jury.
Schubert Waltz download
Prelude in C Major, PDM pg. 375 download
Allegro, PDM pg. 398 download page 1 download page 2

Chord Progressions: All to be played in keyboard style (1 voice in the left hand, 3 voices in the right hand, no parallels 5ths or octaves, smooth voice leading. Students may not play using written out chords.
I IV I V I in all major and minor Keys.
i Ger6 N6 V i vii06 i6 iv=vi ii V I (modulating), beginning in A minor and G Minor.

Harmonization: To be played in keyboard style
Eddie's Tune, PDM pg. 385 download
America, the Beautiful, PDM pg. 385 download
1 melody to be harmonized at sight using primary chords in the left hand. Student supplies the chords. download samples
2 melodies to harmonized by ear, chosen by the student from the following list. One example should include the melody in the right hand, the other should leave out the melody and feature a more elaborate, flowing accompaniment. The melody can be sung by the student or played by the teacher.
Au Clair de la Lune
Jingle Bells
Pop! Goes the Weasel
Puff the Magic Dragon
Home on the Range
Hey Jude
You Are My Sunshine

Transposition/score reading: Play all parts at a steady tempo.
Examples 1 AND 2 download both

Improvisation: Autumn Leaves, left hand chords and right hand improvisation. download

Accompaniment: Heidenröslein, Frackenpohl pg. 167, piano part only, following teacher's tempo. download

Sight Reading: One piece to be read at sight.

Scale and Arpeggio Fingerings