ART 322 Digital Imaging

Instructed by Ralph Larmann
Office: FA203 / Hours: 9-11 am MWF or by appointment


COURSE: ART 322 Digital Imaging (3) Introduction to digital photography methods and creative manipulation on the computer, as an alternative to traditional techniques. Prerequisites: ART 213, 214. Three credit hours.
OBJECTIVES: Introduce students to digital photography, equipment, and software related to their use; involve students in innovative and creative research using photographic imagery; improve technical knowledge and skill level in the use of digital devices and software.
TEXT: Understanding Digital Photography by Joseph A. Ippolito (ISBN 0-7668-2079-3).
METHODS: Instruction will be through use of lectures, projects, demonstrations, and evaluation of photography problems
FORMAT: Studio with lecture component
RESPONSIBILITIES: All students are required to follow the following guidelines for full course credit.
  • Attend all scheduled class meetings.
  • Be prepared to work on class assignments.
  • Work efficiently and attentively in class.
  • Contribute to critiques & discussions.
  • Complete all assignments.
  • Meet all required work deadlines.
  • Clean up work area before leaving.
GRADING: 90-100% ... A, 80-89% ... B, 70-79% ... C, 60-69% ... D, any grade point percentage falling below 60% ... F
ATTENDANCE: The strength of a group design course comes from the interaction of ideas and observation of others. In missing the class, a student undermines the effectiveness of the course and the educational experience of all. Each student is required to attend all scheduled class meetings. If a student misses more than three scheduled class meetings, the final grade will be reduced one letter grade.
WORK CRITERIA Each student must arrive prepared to work with appropriate materials for the assignment, project, exercise, critique, discussion, or demonstration for that particular class day. Unprepared students may receive an absence for the day.
OUTSIDE OF CLASS: Students should expect to spend approximately 9 hours per week in and outside of class working on assignments. The Krannert Mac Lab, FA 213, is open for student use at various times throughout the week.
CRITIQUES: Attendance and active participation in critiques is critical to learning in the studio classroom. All students are expected to contribute verbally by commenting or questioning aspects of the work being critiqued. Students should also add to discussions.
COMPLETION OF ASSIGNMENTS: Late assignments will receive a one-letter grade reduction. Unfinished work will not be accepted. All course work is expected to be finished and submitted for credit by the stated deadline.
SAFETY AND ETIQUETTE: SAFETY AND ETIQUETTE: Students are expected to follow safety instructions and conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to others. This includes disposing of materials properly, clean up of shared spaces, be careful of other students' work, respect the wishes of others regarding their work. Any student who does not follow standards of safety and etiquette will be asked to leave the studio and will receive an absence.