Ungar's Subway Page*
Card Status: 6
Stamps To Go To Free Sub: 2



The Ungar Subway Saga

Every time Dr. Ungar dines at Subway, he diligently collects a stamp, applying it to the back of his jealously guarded Subway card in anticipation of collecting his long-awaited free sandwich. He earns his stamps by ordering the inexpensive 'cold-cut trio.' However, when redeeming a full card, he orders the lavish 'subway melt,' thus ensuring maximum value for his efforts.

NEW!*Dr. Ungar has added coffee drinking to his list of compulsive food-oriented activities! He gets his daily coffee at a nearby dining establishment, "Chez Shell," which also dispenses other petroleum products. Although he finds the the gigantic 12-ounce coffee more than adequate, he recently discovered that purchasing four of the humongous 16-ounce cups entitled him to a free fifth cup. Needless to say, he now drinks 16 ounces of coffee every day, sometimes to the distress of his harassed piano students, who find him "jumbled" and "hyper."