Triangle Centers and Central Triangles

The book that lists 400 different triangle centers is entitled Triangle Centers and Central Triangles, or just TCCT. The centers are catalogued with descriptions and many, many collinearities. The Chapter headings are as follows:

1. The Launch Pad: Traditional Triangle Geometry
2. Definitions
3. Centers 1 to 180
4. Centers 181 to 360
5. Central Lines
6. Central Triangles
7. Classes of Triangles
8. Circles and Other Curves
9. New Kinds of Problems

The book opens with an exciting Foreword by Douglas Hofstadter (winner of a Pulitzer Prize for his Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid), and closes with a detailed Index. You can order a copy of TCCT from

Utilitas Mathematica Publishing, Inc.
Box 272, St Norbert Postal Station
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3V 1L6

The cost is US $42.50. This covers surface mail, but you can receive the book by airmail for an additional $5.00. Payment must be by check in US dollars or the equivalent of $42.00 in Canadian dollars. Be sure to specify all the required information: Triangle Centers and Central Triangles, by Clark Kimberling, volume 129 of Congressus Numerantium.

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