Alphabetical index of terms in ETC

César E. Lozada - December 23, 2019
Last update: 2023-06-20 - Revision 14 up to X(54000) - Total references: 1064



Adams circle, inverses in X(52506) anti-Artzt triangle X(11147) anti-Yff triangles - Related centers X(49143) areal centers X(35307)
Aiyar-circle X(13870) anti-Auriga triangles, related centers X(48454) anticenter X(10276) Aries triangle X(5596)
Ajima-Malfatti points X(179) anti-Ehrmann-mid triangle, related centers X(48655) anticevian-associated cubic X(40853) Artzt circle X(11168)
altimedial triangle X(15015) anti-Kenmotu-centers triangles, related centers X(49303) antigonal conjugate X(14941) Artzt triangle X(9742)
Altintas circle X(20033) anti-Kenmotu-free-vertices triangles triangles, related centers X(48722) antigonal images X(37831) Ascella triangle X(8726)
Altintas hyperbola X(15449) anti-Lucas(±1)-homothetic triangles, related centers X(49373) antiparallels conics X(41380) Ashrafov-Montesdeoca conic X(12089)
Altintas-isodynamic triangles X(41016) anti-McCay triangle X(8587) antitomic conjugate X(14941) ATFF points X(10129)
Altintas-Lozada-Neuberg line X(35049) anti-orthocentroidal circle X(467) Antlia triangle X(5574) Atik triangle X(5927)
Altintas-Moses-Neuberg hyperbola X(46816) anti-Parry 1st triangle, related centers X(48947) apedal conic X(8268) Atik triangle X(8580)
always perspective triangles X(15428) anti-Parry 2nd triangle, related centers X(48980) apollonian circles of mixtilinear triangles X(8162) Aubert points 1st and 2nd X(45010)
always-orthologic triangles X(36958) anti-tri-squares-central triangles, related centers X(49012) Apollonius point X(181) Auriga triangles X(5597)
Andromeda triangle X(5573) anti-triangles X(11363) Apollonius tangent line X(2254) Ayme perspector X(3657)
Anna's circle X(34768) anti-triangles X(18909) Apus triangle X(5584) Ayme triangle X(3610)
answer to question A X(554) anti-Ursa minor triangle X(23291) Aquarius conic X(5585) Ayme-Moses perspectors X(3610)
anti-altimedial triangles X(15015) anti-Wasat triangle X(21616) Aquila triangle X(5586)
anti-Artzt circle X(11168) anti-X3-ABC reflections triangle, related centers X(49102) Ara triangle X(5594)


B- or (B)- line conjugates X(45266) Bevan antipodal triangle X(223) bireflection circumcentral line (BRC-line) X(41684) Brocard square X(3102)
Bailey point X(401) Bevan point X(40) bisecting circle X(7623) Brocard triangles 7th, 8th and 9th X(39801)
Bankoff equilateral triangle X(34551) Bevan-antipodal triangle X(34488) Blaikie transform X(903) Brocard triangles 7th, 8th, 9th X(39643)
barycentric cubes X(23606) Bevan-Schroeder point X(1319) Bloom point X(40139) Brocard(P,U)-harmonic conjugate of X X(14953)
barycentric product of circumcircle antipodes X(32640) bi-anticevian conics X(35513) Bradley bicevian points and axes X(41202) Brocard-Euler points of type 1 X(21509)
barycentric square of the Euler line X(36412) bicentric pairs, circles through X(35374) Brisse transform X(1354) Brocard-Kiepert-Fermat cusp X(3411)
barycentric squares X(23582) bicentrically induced harmonic conjugates X(14953) Brocard antipedal hyperbola X(43702) Brocard-Lemoine conic X(14941)
barycentric squares X(23962) bicevian conic of X(3) and X(6), points on X(47405) Brocard axes concurrences X(15766) BSS X(14078)
barycentric symbolic substitution (BSS) X(14078) bicevian triangles X(40632) Brocard axis intercepts 37469-37517 X(37469) Burek concurrent circles images X(5523)
Beltrami-Euler point X(3568) bipedal circumcentral conic (BPC conic) X(41537) Brocard equilateral triangle X(3104) Burek-cevian conic X(5777)
Beltrami-Parry point X(3569) bipedal circumcentral line (BPC-line) X(41537) Brocard midpoint X(39) Burgess point X(1133)
Beth conjugates X(1393) bireflection circumcentral conic (BRC-conic) X(41684) Brocard point, 3rd X(73)


Caelum triangle X(5602) circlecevian perspectors X(39389) circumperp conjugate X(18859) Crimean points X(41890)
Calaeno points X(30103) circlecevian triangle X(34520) circumtangential-isogonal conjugates X(8666) cross-perspeconics X(15648)
Caucasian points X(41890) circles inversion circles X(39486) Clawson circles X(52726) cross-triangles X(10290)
CCC cubics X(40718) circles inversion circles X(39559) Clawson point X(19) crossdifferences X(46380)
center of involution X(14782) circles inversor X(5577) Clifford (4)/(5)/(6) centers X(11634) crosssums of circumcircle-P-antipodes X(38957)
center of similitude X(7693) circles through couples of bicentric pairs X(35374) cnic (circumnormal-isogonal conjugate) X(8715) CT-perspectors X(45810)
centers and perspectors of inverses of lines in Steiner ellipses X(44550) circles through X(13) and X(14) X(42731) co-Brocard circles X(43118) ctc (Gibert circumtangential conjugate) X(8616)
centers of circles through X(24007) and X(24008) X(44202) circum-eigencenters X(6570) coefficient point X(8551) ctic (circumtangential-isogonal conjugate) X(8666)
centers of circumcircle-inverses of lines X(44805) circum-eigentransform X(6570) collineation images X(16544) cubic K1230, points on X(43448)
central angle points X(42614) circum-Euler-points X(38723) collineation images X(16678) cubic K588, centers on X(42676)
centroid X(2) circumcenter X(3) collineation images X(17043) cubic X(24727) X(24727)
centroid of curvatures X(31393) circumcenters of circumcevian polar triangles X(39382) collineation images X(17134) cubic X(24733) X(24733)
centroid of three points on the circumcircle X(35258) circumcenters of circumcevian polar triangles X(39628) collineation images X(17738) cubics, points on X(39693)
centroidal conics X(10153) circumcevian triangles and their inverses X(43344) collineation images on the Euler line X(16286) cubics, points on X(39765)
centroidal triangles X(10153) circumcevian triangles and their inverses X(46961) collineations inverse-images X(18588) cubics, points on X(39942)
centroids of quadrilateral X(6666) circumcevian-inversion triangle X(34864) Collings transform X(1286) cubics, points on X(39994)
centroids of triangles with central vertices X(38021) circumcevian-inversion triangle of X(3) X(35237) Combos (1+h)*X(3) - h*X(4) on the Euler line X(49127) cubics, points on X(40009)
CET(U) X(6570) circumcircle inversion circles X(39475) common circumconics X(14713) cubics, points on special X(46706)
Ceva conics, 1st X(40530) circumcircle, midpoints of points on the X(53709) congruent incircles isoscelizer point X(258) cubics, points on special X(46738)
Ceva conics, 2nd X(40578) circumcircle-F-antipode of U X(26700) congruent incircles point X(5394) cubics, points on special X(46779)
cevapoint conics X(40462) circumcircle-inverses of points on the Euler line X(37896) congruent shrunk insquares points X(585) cubics, points on special X(46826)
cevian centroid isogonal perspectors X(39667) Circumcircle-inverses of points on the line X(1)X(6) X(51632) congruent squares point X(371) cubics, points on special X(46877)
cevian-circumconic triangles X(36598) Circumcircle-inverses of points on the Nagel line X(51619) conjugate-couple X(14782) Cullen cubic K369 X(42413)
cevian-cross triangle X(40718) circumnormal-isogonal conjugates X(8715) Conway 2nd triangle X(9776) cyclologic centers X(34578)
cevian-cross triangles X(40840) circumorthiac triangle X(40928) Conway 3rd, 4th, 5th triangles X(10434) cyclologic centers X(37743)
cip transform X(39371) circumparabola with center X(513), points on X(42921) Conway circle, points associated X(38473)
CIR(U) X(2365) circumparabola with infinite center X(43935) Conway inner triangle X(11677)
circle of similitude X(8072) circumparabolas, foci of X(38017) Conway triangle X(7411)


Danneels perspectors X(3119) Dao-Apollonius circles X(13443) Darboux quintic point X(11589) Dolgirev-Hatzipolakis-Lozada point X(6585)
Danneels points X(3078) Dao-bipedal conic / perspector X(18840) DC and CD points X(2979) dominican images X(5565)
Danneels points X(8012) Dao-conjugates X(44687) De Longchamps line, points on X(35516) Dosa point X(3554)
Danneels-Apollonius perspector X(2092) Dao-image X(15345) De Longchamps point X(20) Dou circle X(155)
Dao (a, b, c, R) perspector X(6188) Dao-Lester circles X(42740) De Villers point, 1st X(1127) Dou circle X(9718)
Dao circle X(10097) Dao-Lozada tangential perspector X(42622) De Villers point, 2nd X(1128) double-points of an involution X(14782)
Dao equilateral triangles, 1st & 2nd X(16038) Dao-Moses-Telv circle X(6103) Dedalus point X(40141) Droussent pivot X(316)
Dao perspector X(18212) Dao-Parry circles X(42740) degree 3-centers with coefficients in {-1,0,1} X(32771) dual of the circumcircle, points on X(36789)
Dao point X(10097) Dao-perspeconics X(40051) dilations of points on the circumcircle to other circles X(38497) dual of the incircle, points on X(36795)
Dao triangle X(45738) Dao-symmedial circle X(5092) dilations of points on the circumcircle to other circles (38551-38719) X(38551) Dual triangles X(2979)
Dao twelve Euler lines point X(4240) Dao-Vecten circles X(6118) direction of vector X(527) duple triangles X(30543)
Dao-6 point circle X(5569) Darboux image X(5881) Dixit points X(3590)


Ehrmann 2nd triangle X(8537) elestrostatic potential center X(5626) Euler infinity point X(30) Evans perspector, 1st X(484)
Ehrmann circle and A, B-,C- Ehrmann circles X(8537) ellipsologig centers X(34773) Euler line intercepts 37009-37127 X(37009) Evans perspectors X(1276)
Ehrmann congruent squares point X(1144) endo homothetic centers X(7581) Euler line intercepts 37144-37201 X(37144) Evans point X(1374)
Ehrmann pivots / triangles X(18300) Eppstein points X(481) Euler line intercepts 37224-37468 X(37224) even infinity point X(696)
Ehrmann point, 3rd X(1145) equal areas isoscelizer point X(364) Euler line intercepts with tangent lines to circumcircle X(46585) even minor triangle centers of degree 2 X(48627)
Ehrmann points X(973) equal detour point X(176) Euler lines concurrences X(15766) even minor triangle centers of degree 3 X(48641)
Ehrmann-1 or 1-Ehrmann circle X(34112) equal perimeters isoscelizer point X(363) Euler substitutions points X(409) excosine circle / conic / triangles X(17807)
Ehrmann-Lozada ellipse X(9731) equi-Brocard center X(368) Euler(P,U)-harmonic conjugate of X X(14953) Exeter point X(22)
Eigencenters X(2120) equiareality center X(5373) Euler-Morley-Zhao point X(5390) extouch triangles 2nd to 5th X(5927)
eigencenters of circumcevian/circumanticevian triangles X(39412) equicenters X(38344) Euler-Vecten-Gibert points X(2041) extra triangles X(7001)
eigentransform X(2120) equilateral cevian triangle point X(370) eulerologic centers 2 X(16189)
Electra triangles X(45216) ET(U) X(2120) eulerologic triangles and centers X(10237)
Electra(B) triangles X(45196) Euler coordinates X(47090) Evans conic, points on X(41943)


Far-out point X(23) Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 15th & 16th X(16960) Fermat-Dao-Nhi triangles, orthologic centers X(36318) Feuerbach tangent line X(2254)
Farhangi-cyclocevian images X(8043) Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 1st & 2nd X(16247) Fermat-Dao-Nhi triangles, related centers X(49794) Fregier points X(30181)
Fermat point X(13) Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 3rd & 4th X(16267) Feuerbach antipode X(119) Fuhrmann center X(355)
Fermat triangles, inner/outer X(16646) Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 5th & 6th X(16459) Feuerbach line X(5499) Fuhrmann triangles X(16112)
Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 11th & 12th X(16626) Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 9th & 10th X(16536) Feuerbach point X(11) Fuhrmann, P-triangle X(5613)
Fermat-Dao equilateral triangles, 13th & 14th X(16636) Fermat-Dao-Nhi triangles X(33602) Feuerbach quadrangle X(10276)


G mapping X(3112) generalized Paasche conics, points Associated X(38310) Gibert points on the cubic K1204 X(42594) Gibert-Simson transforms X(15411)
g-triangles X(41394) Gergonne line extraversion triangle X(10180) Gibert points on the cubic K1207 X(42725) Giugiuc center of similitude X(7666)
Gallatly circle X(2007) Gergonne line, points on X(43034) Gibert points on the cubic K1208 X(42773) golden arbelos points X(2671)
gamma triangle X(15915) Gergonne point X(7) Gibert points on the cubic K1220 X(43193) Gosssard perspector X(402)
gamma-center of similitude X(15915) Ghoicas-Lozada image X(14815) Gibert points on the cubic K1224 X(43292) greatest area circumscribed equilateral triangle X(9114)
Garcia Capitan circles X(11065) Gibert (i,j,k) points X(42085) Gibert points on the cubic K1225 X(43324) Grebe circle X(33703)
Garcia inner and outer triangles X(5587) Gibert -Neuberg perspectors X(8172) Gibert points on the cubic K1226 X(43364) Grebe point X(6)
Garcia points X(5550) Gibert circumtangential conjugates X(8616) Gibert points on the cubic K1228 X(43397) Greenhill circle X(11041)
Garcia reflection triangle X(15995) Gibert point X(1141) Gibert points on the cubic K1229 X(43416) Greenhill point X(1159)
Garcia-Feuerbach points X(5550) Gibert points X(42562) Gibert points on the cubic K1232 X(43769) Griffiths points X(1373)
García-Moses triangle X(51504) Gibert points associated with the KHO hyperbola {{X(2),X(4),X(15),X(16),X(316)}} X(43457) Gibert points on the cubic K1234 X(43869) Grigoriev conics X(5430)
Gemini triangle 111, associated points X(40896) Gibert points on cubics K1194-K1201 X(42488) Gibert points on the KHO cubics K1215-K1217 X(42940) Grinberg homothetic centers X(1383)
Gemini triangles 001-040 X(24537) Gibert points on cubics K1206a and K1206b X(42682) Gibert points on the KHO quartic Q168 X(42557) Grinberg point, 1st X(1122)
Gemini triangles 041-060 X(26153) Gibert points on the Brocard-Kiepert quartic, Q073 X(42537) Gibert quadratic transformations and inverses X(41231) Grozdev-Dekov circles X(11615)
Gemini triangles 061-100 X(27378) Gibert points on the cubic K1191 X(42625) Gibert-Burek-Moses concurrent circles images X(5524)
Gemini triangles 101-111 X(30738) Gibert points on the cubic K1196 X(42429) Gibert-Moses centroid X(21153)
Gemini triangles, associated perspectors X(36849) Gibert points on the cubic K1200 X(42472) Gibert-Simson transform X(2394)


H-transform X(10025) Hatzipolakis-Lozada midpoint X(10095) Helman line X(51640) Hung-Montesdeoca perspector X(10207)
h-triangles X(41394) Hatzipolakis-Lozada nine-point image X(6583) Hex2T circles X(10137) Hung-Montesdeoca radical center X(10206)
h-triangles X(41431) Hatzipolakis-Lozada point X(10216) Hiriart-Urruty minimizer X(5544) Hung-Montesdeoca-Moses point X(10208)
Haedus transform X(35182) Hatzipolakis-Lozada quintic X(10095) hodpieces X(40139) Hung-Soddy touchpoints X(6135)
half-circumcevian triangle X(11615) Hatzipolakis-Lozada triangle X(6344) Hofstadter inellipse X(42074) Hutson centroidal ellipse X(5943)
half-diamonds triangles X(33338) Hatzipolakis-Lozada-Euler reflection point X(6343) Hoftstadter one point X(359) Hutson circle, 1st X(5459)
half-diamonds-central triangles X(33338) Hatzipolakis-Lozada-Fermat points X(10217) Hoftstadter zero point X(360) Hutson circle, 2nd X(5460)
half-squares triangles X(33338) Hatzipolakis-Lozada-Kosnita point X(6584) homo-perspeconic X(17410) Hutson ellipse X(5483)
harmonic center X(8072) Hatzipolakis-Montesdeoca-De Longchamps conic X(12090) homologous images X(6724) Hutson inner triangle X(363)
harmonic of one point X(566) Hatzipolakis-Moses circumcenter X(6637) homothetors involving the Ehrmann mid-triangle X(36718) Hutson outer triangle X(363)
harmonic traces X(8072) Hatzipolakis-Moses images X(7680) homothetors involving the Euler triangle X(36651) Hutson right hyperbolas, stationary points X(38001)
Hatzipolakis 3rd triangle X(17817) Hatzipolakis-Moses images X(10263) homothetors involving the infinite altitude triangle X(36697) Hutson-extouch triangle X(5731)
Hatzipolakis axis X(18039) Hatzipolakis-Moses nine-point image X(12824) Honsberger triangle X(7670) Hutson-Feuerbach points X(3614)
Hatzipolakis-Euler-Moses point X(6143) Hatzipolakis-Moses triangle X(6145) HR-ellipse X(34603) Hutson-intouch triangle X(5731)
Hatzipolakis-Euler-Schiffler point X(5424) Hatzipolakis-Moses-Euler centroids X(7667) Hung circle X(5944) Hutson-McCay points X(7611)
Hatzipolakis-Lozada circle X(10222) Hatzipolakis-Moses-Euler centroids X(7734) Hung circle, inner X(5955) Hutson-Moses hyperbola X(5376)
Hatzipolakis-Lozada circles X(44916) Hatzipolakis-Suppa circle X(44937) Hung circle, outer X(5956) Hutson-Wolk points X(5597)
Hatzipolakis-Lozada homothetic centers X(7603) Hatzipolakis-Suppa ellipse X(46440) Hung-Feuerbach triangle X(5973) Hyacinth triangle X(10111)
Hatzipolakis-Lozada hyperbola X(14052) Hatzipolakis-Suppa transforms X(44937) Hung-Lozada cyclologic center X(10214)
Hatzipolakis-Lozada images X(6583) Hatzipolakis-Van Tienhoven triangles X(6120) Hung-Lozada-Euler point X(10210)


IE59 X(12835) inner Vecten point X(486) inverse-in-Conway circle triangle X(10439) isodynamic-Dao equilateral triangles X(16802)
incenter X(1) inscribed conics, centers X(52526) inverse-in-excircles triangle X(8055) isodynamic-Dao equilateral triangles, 3rd & 4th X(31683)
incircle transform X(3318) inscribed conics, perspectors X(52549) inverse-in-incircle triangle X(5571) isogonal conjugates and isotomic conjugates X(44159)
incircle-circles triangle X(11034) Intersection of radical axes involving apollonian circles X(50645) inverses of points on the Euler line in permutation ellipse X(44575) isogonic points X(13)
Incircle-inverses of points on the Euler line X(51615) intersections of inconics X(24973) inverses of triangles Gemini 15 and 16 X(43213) isoperimetric point X(175)
inconics, 4th tangent line X(52302) intriangles and extriangles centers X(30514) inverter of rwo circles X(5577) isoscelicer points X(503)
inconics, perspectors X(18810) inverse Gemini triangles X(43260) involution X(14782)
infinite difference point X(23870) inverse triangles X(42005) IO line intercepts 37520-37625 X(37520)
infinity-incircle-transform X(47006) inverse triangles and anti- triangles X(45345) isodynamic points X(15)


Jenkins tangential triangle X(37865) Jerabek antipode X(113) Johnson midpoint X(495)
Jenkins triangles, related centers X(49634) Johnson inner/outer triangles X(10522) Johnson-Yff circle X(1478)


K-transform X(10025) Kenmotu homothetic centers X(5412) Kiepert infinity points X(3413) Kirikami-Kosnita-Euler point X(10211)
K025 - related locus X(52444) Kenmotu point X(371) Kiepert parabola, focus X(110) Kirikami-Schiffler points X(3647)
K1151, points of the cubic X(36926) Kenmotu-centers triangles X(44582) Kiepert point, 1st X(1131) Kiss-Moses mapping X(43390)
K229 Moses images X(23342) Kenmotu-centers triangles, related centers X(49208) Kiepert point, 2nd X(1132) KM and MK special perspectors X(43803)
K244 Moses images X(23097) Kenmotu-Van Lamoen points X(588) Kirikami concurrent circles images X(5503) KM and MK special perspectors X(43816)
K616 - related locus X(52448) KHM cubic X(14459) Kirikami concurrent circles images, 2nd kind X(5508) KM and MK special perspectors X(43845)
K635 Moses images X(23352) KHM(P) X(14459) Kirikami points X(3640) KM triangles X(43584)
Kenmotu diagonal triangles X(31) Kiepert antipode X(114) Kirikami six circles image X(5509) Kosnita point X(54)
Kenmotu free vertices triangle, 1st X(12375) Kiepert cevian triangle X(4444) Kirikami-Euler image X(5485) Koutras-Hatzipolakis-Moses points X(14459)
Kenmotu free vertices triangle, 2nd X(12376) Kiepert image X(13486) Kirikami-Euler-Lemoine points X(5621) KS(U) X(3647)


L(P,U)-harmonic conjugate of X X(14953) Lemoine-Dao triangles X(16940) Loud points X(9118) Lucas antipodal tangents triangles X(9723)
Lachance-Moses-Brianchon points X(52522) Lester circle X(1116) Lozada circles X(9729) Lucas antipodal triangle X(6457)
largest-circumscribed-equilateral triangle X(36761) Lester-Moses points X(15535) Lozada conics X(9724) Lucas Brocard triangle, X(6421)
Le Viet An equilateral triangles X(14169) Leversha point X(14070) Lozada perspectors X(6056) Lucas polar perspectors X(5406)
Le Viet An, inner- and outer circles X(43961) line conjugates on the Euler line X(44886) Lozada perspectors, 2nd X(41279) Lucas reflection triangle X(6401)
least area circumscribed equilateral triangle X(9114) line-reflected triangles X(30715) Lozada-Euler point X(7580) Lucas secondary circles X(6199)
Lemoine axis, points on X(42658) Lionheart-Moses k-image X(25045) Lozada-Lemoine circles X(44469) Lucas triangles, more X(6199)
Lemoine homothetic center X(3066) Liu points X(3598) Lozada-McCay points X(7613) Lucas(t) homothetic triangle X(493)
Lemoine point X(6) Longet-Higgins, point X(962) Lozada-Soddy conic X(52803)


M(U) points X(6129) Mimosa transform X(1707) Montesdeoca-Hung triangle X(6042) Moses-Euler Point X(14030)
MacBeath points X(2967) Miquel point X(501) Montesdeoca-Lemoine circles X(8160) Moses-Hung triangle X(6044)
MacBeath-Simmons circles X(45256) Mittenpunkt X(9) Morley center X(356) Moses-Hung-circle X(6044)
Maia points X(552) mixtilinear incentral triangle X(7955) Morley conic X(16271) Moses-Jerabek conic X(34426)
Malfatti perspector, inner X(46891) mixtilinear triangles X(7955) Morley midpoint triangles X(3602) Moses-Kirikami image X(3589)
Malfatti perspector, outer X(46892) mixtilinear triangles 8th and 9th X(44840) Morley-adjunct-midpoint triangles X(16839) Moses-Lemoine conic X(34426)
Malfatti-Rabinowitz points X(1142) Miyamoto-Lozada centers X(50032) Morley-Gibert perspectors X(3608) Moses-Lucas circles X(6522)
Malfatti-touchpoints triangle X(46876) Miyamoto-Lozada circle, 1st X(53002) Morley-Gibert points X(1507) Moses-Parry circle X(8428)
maltitudes X(10276) Miyamoto-Lozada circle, 2nd X(53003) Morley-Kirikami points X(5454) Moses-Soddy triangle X(44311)
Mandart-excircles triangles X(10974) Miyamoto-Lozada perspector X(53004) Morley-Taylor-Marr centers, 1st and 2nd X(357) Moses-Steiner ellipse X(6069)
Mandart-incircle triangle X(6018) Miyamoto-Moses circle X(53006) Morley-Taylor-Marr centers, 3rd to 6th X(1134) Moses-Steiner image X(6069)
McCay triangle X(7606) Miyamoto-Moses points X(52805) Morley-Van Tienhoven points X(5628) Moses-Steiner ortho-image X(6069)
mid-arc points X(177) Miyamoto-Moses triangle X(52805) Moses circle X(1015) Moses-Steiner reflection triangle X(34505)
mid-cevian cubics X(36814) Miyamoto-Moses-Apollonius circles X(52805) Moses code X(17226) Moses-Steiner tangential-image X(6069)
mid-cevian cubics X(36871) Miyamoto-Moses-Apollonius triangles X(52805) Moses conics X(36949) Moses-Yff image X(14163)
mid-trace triangles X(36810) MJC Moses-Jerabek conic X(34426) Moses hull circle X(6048) MR conics X(46681)
mid-triangles X(10290) MLC Moses-Lemoine conic X(34426) Moses osculatory triangle X(34505) Muscovite points X(41890)
midcevian triangles X(40674) Montesdeoca conic X(5702) Moses points on the Euler line t-uplas X(17669) mutual polar conic X(32559)
midpoints of X(2) and other points X(45310) Montesdeoca degenerate conics point X(8183) Moses radical circle X(6111) mutual-reflections conic X(46681)
midpoints of X(2) and other points X(45657) Montesdeoca equilateral triangles X(5618) Moses-Apollonius ellipse X(34453) Myakishev conic X(3588)
midpoints on the Euler line X(44210) Montesdeoca-Euler points X(42789) Moses-Apollonius transform X(52805)


N-obverse triangles X(24310) Napoleon points X(17) Nguyen-Euler points X(14226) nine-point-circle-inverses of points on the Euler line 37981-37990 X(37981)
Nagel point X(8) Nguyen images X(14206) Nguyen-Moses circle X(14538) NK transform X(2081)
Nagel-Schröeder point X(1339) Nguyen orthoimage X(14538) Nguyen-Moses image X(14483)
Napoleon cevapoint X(1487) Nguyen rectangle X(14206) nine-point circle, points on X(42422)
Napoleon crosssum X(1493) Nguyen X-triangle X(14538) nine-point-center X(5)


obverse triangle of X(69), associated perspectors X(40921) orthic axes triangle X(2501) orthocentroidal triangle X(5476) orthoparallelogic conic X(31353)
obverse triangle of X(69), perspectors X(39144) orthic axis, points on X(47122) orthocevian triangles X(8601) orthopolar circle / conic X(31727)
obverse triangles X(24307) ortho-perspective triangles X(45695) orthocorrespondents X(1992) orthosymmedial circle X(5480)
odd infinity point X(768) orthoanticevian triangles X(8635) orthogonal points X(566) orthosymmedial triangles X(6792)
odd minor triangle centers X(48412) orthoarmonic X(566) orthojoins X(1512) osculatory triangle X(34924)
Odehnal tritangent circles X(3822) orthoassociate X(5523) orthologic conic / orthologic tangential-conic X(31353) Osiris points X(40328)
Odenhal points X(3596) orthocenter X(4) orthologic pedal triangles X(41537)
Orion transform X(2055) orthocentric triangle X(5484) orthologic reflection triangles X(41684)


P-Fuhrmann triangles X(5613) pending preamble... X(50876) points in a [X(514)X(661), X(523)X(661)] coordinate system X(48264) Points on the Euler line X(50318)
Paache-Myakishev ellipse X(5393) pending preamble... X(50949) Points in a [[a,b,c], [a(b+c), b(c+a), c(a+b)]] coordinate system X(49272) Points on the Helman line X(51640)
Paache-Myakishev-Moses conic X(5405) pending preamble... X(51034) Points in a [[a,b,c], [b-c,c-a,a-b]] coordinate system X(49750) points on the line X(2)X(37) X(42698)
Paasche conic X(37861) pentagon points X(1139) Points in a [[bc(b-c),ca(c-a),ab(a-b), [(b-c)^3, (c-a)^3,(a-b)^3]] coordinate system X(49675) points T(P,U) X(47488)
Paasche ellipse, associated points X(37994) permutation ellipse X(35025) Points in a [[bc(b-c),ca(c-a),ab(a-b)], [a(b^2-c^2),b(c^2-a^2),c(a^2-b^2)]] coordinate system X(49445) points with 1st barcentric b^3 +k a b c+c^3 X(25957)
Paasche point X(1123) permutation ellipse E(X(4440)) X(39345) Points in a [[bc(b-c),ca(c-a),ab(a-b)], [a^2(b-c),b^2(c-a), c^2(a-b))]] coordinate system X(49501) pointwise barycentric cubes X(23606)
Paasche triangles, associated points X(39311) permutation ellipse of X(6), points on X(35963) Points in a [[bc,ca,ab], [b-c,c-a,a-b]] coordinate system X(49979) polar circle, inverses in X(52458)
Paasche-Hutson triangle X(37994) permutation ellipses of X(1), points on X(36215) Points in some coordinates system X(50010) polar co-center point X(19901)
Pamphilos-Zou triangles X(7594) permutation ellipses, inverses in X(41133) Points in some coordinates system X(50041) polar co-centric triangles X(19901)
Panchapakesan circles X(46001) perspeconics X(15254) Points in some coordinates system X(50074) polar reciprocal conics X(34936)
Pappus pivot X(6179) perspeconics X(34807) Points in some coordinates system X(50144) polarologic centers X(42287)
Pappus points X(3557) perspectors involving the García-Moses triangle X(51504) Points in some coordinates system X(50153) polelogic centers X(42287)
Pappus points X(46894) perspectors of inconics X(18810) Points in some coordinates system X(50215) poles of named lines wrt named circles X(44408)
para-perspective triangles X(45695) PK transform X(2081) Points in some coordinates system X(50247) power curve X(40297)
parallelogic conic / parallelogic tangential-conic X(31353) Pohoata point X(3333) Points in some coordinates system X(50256) power curve, Ceva conjugates associated X(40359)
parallels-perspeconic X(42819) Pohoata-Dao-Moses circles X(5607) Points in some coordinates system X(50281) power curve, complements and anticomplements associated X(40376)
parallels-tangential-conics X(37869) points associated with the cubic pK(X(50),X(1)) X(35197) Points in some coordinates system X(50326) power point, 4th X(560)
parapoint X(40843) Points in a coordinate system X(49716) Points in some coordinates system X(50449) power points X(31)
paratriangles X(40843) points in a [Brocard axis, Euler line] coordinate system X(48872) Points in some coordinates system X(50481) Prasolov point X(68)
paratriangles X(40853) Points in a [Euler line, Brocard axis] coordinate system X(48915) Points in some coordinates system X(50538) Privalov conic X(5451)
Parry 2nd and 3rd triangles X(9123) points in a [Euler line, Nagel line] coordinate system X(48834) Points in some coordinates system X(50575) product triangles X(42285)
Parry circle X(351) points in a [L(31),L(32)] coordinate system X(48392) Points in some coordinates system X(50771) product triangles X(42464)
Parry point X(111) points in a [L(31),L(32)]-coordinate system X(47650) Points in some orthogonal coordinates system X(50533) products X(i)*T X(42437)
Parry reflection point X(399) points in a [X(1)X(513), X(1)X(514)] coordinate system X(48320) points in the [ [bc,ca,ab], [a,b,c] ] coordinate system X(48582) Psi-transformed X(14649)
Parry-Pohoata point X(399) points in a [X(1)X(514), X(1)X(523)] coordinate system X(48281) points in the {X(2)X(514), X(2)X(523)}-coordinate system: X(47869) PU(160) to PU(175), related centers X(46191)
Parry-Pohoata point X(8157) points in a [X(2)X(3), X(1)X(2)] coordinate system X(48798) points in the {X(514)X(661), X(187)X(237)} coordinate system X(47900) PU(176) to PU(196), related centers X(46270)
pedal antipodal perspector X(2) points in a [X(2)X(513), L(2)L(514)]-coordinate system X(47754) points of the form tgX or gtX, where X is on the Euler line X(44077) PU(197), related centers X(46187)
pedal triangle of the centroid X(40670) points in a [X(2)X(513), X(2)X(514)] coordinate system X(48543) points on the circumellipse with center X(9) X(37128) Pulcherrima point X(39131)
pending preamble... X(50743) points in a [X(2)X(513), X(2)X(523)] coordinate system X(48156) Points on the Euler line X(50199) Pythagorean conic X(43630)
pending preamble... X(50796) points in a [X(2)X(513), X(2)X(523)] coordinate system X(48382) Points on the Euler line X(50237)


quadsquare triangles X(8953)


Radical traces of circumcircle and other circles X(50360) reciprocal polar conics X(34936) remarkable lines, intersection of X(45881) RS points X(2677)
range in involution X(14782) rectangles 4th vertices X(46980) Rigby points X(1371)
Rasalgheti points X(39229) reflection axis, 3rd X(46116) Rigby-Lalescu orthopole X(1594)


Saragossa points X(1165) Shadow point X(1479) Soddy-Gorgonne points X(3638) Steiner point X(99)
Savin triangles X(44301) Sharigyn point, 2nd X(291) special dilation triangle X(40911) Steiner-ellipse-inverses of points on the Euler line X(44328)
Savin triangles, related centers X(49537) Sharygin Olympiads, centers X(41890) Spieker center X(10) Steiner-ellipse-inverses of points on the line X(1)X(3) X(44350)
Schiffler circles X(14526) Sharygin points X(1281) square of the circumcircle X(41932) Stevanovic perspectors X(2090)
Schiffler point X(21) Sharygin triangles X(8229) square root point X(365) Stevanovic point, 1st X(1130)
Schiffler triangles X(6595) Sherman line, points on X(42750) SR points X(2677) Stevanovic points X(1488)
Schmidt-Lozada cyclologic center X(10215) Shinagawa-Euler points X(47090) SS X(3221) Stevanovic points X(3021)
Schoute circle X(12017) Shinagawa-Euler points X(47308) Stammler reflection hyperbola X(35537) strictly inner points X(53660)
Schröeder point X(1155) Shinagawa-Euler points X(47332) Steiner circumellipse, touchpoints on X(53639) submedial triangle X(9813)
Schroeter triangle X(8286) Shinagawa-Euler points X(47629) Steiner curvature centroid X(1115) Suppa Cucoanes circle X(53614)
secondary pre-circumcevian-inversion point X(35000) Siberian points X(41890) Steiner ellipses, osculating circles X(39300) Suren-Moses equilateral-triangle circumcevian-inversion points X(36241)
secondary pre-circumcevian-inversion points X(35447) Simmons inconics, points on X(41993) Steiner ellipses, real and imaginary foci X(39158) Suren-Shourya major points X(39624)
self-dual permutation ellipse X(39103) simpedal point / triangle X(14870) Steiner ellipses, vertices X(39202) symbolic substitution SS X(3221)
self-dual permutation ellipse X(41133) Simson lines, intersections on the nine-point circle X(35579) Steiner equilateral triangles X(6069) symmetric trapezium UOH'U' X(43388)
self-dual permutation ellipse, inverses in X(44649) singular foci of cubics X(14649) Steiner image X(13610) symmetric triangle X(15912)
self-hologous point X(7693) SM points X(2855) Steiner midellipse X(36521)
self-inverse Gemini triangles X(31610) Soddy inner/outer triangles, 2nd X(31528) Steiner midway ellipse (SME) X(41133)
self-inverse Gemini triangles X(31644) Soddy triangle X(31528) Steiner parabolas X(41301)


T mapping X(3112) TCCT-images X(15607) tri-equilateral inner/outer triangles X(10631) triply bilogic inscribed triangles X(32462)
T(k) triangles X(36436) Terquem conjugate X(8043) tri-squares triangles X(13637) tripolar centroidal conjugates X(52746)
T(k) triangles, symmetric/homogeneous function X(36473) Terzic circle X(41155) tri-squares triangles, 2nd X(13757) tripolar centroids X(1635)
T(k, n) triangle X(5858) Terzic circle X(41163) tri-squares triangles, 3rd & 4th X(13873) tripolar coordinates X(32751)
T-isogonal-axes X(42287) tetrahedral projection X(40236) triangulation X(15766) trisected perimeter center, 1st X(369)
Talitha triangles X(34016) thinlne X(15670) triaxial point X(14272) trisected perimeter center, 2nd X(3232)
tangential midarc triangles X(6732) Thomson-Gibert-Moses hyperbola X(5642) trilinear N-obverse triangles X(24519) trisection ellipse X(36436)
tangential midarc triangles X(8075) Three Reflections Theorem X(46116) trilinear obverse triangles X(24482) trisector ellipse X(41133)
tangential perspeconics X(15808) Thurnheer point X(46893) trilinear permutation conic X(36256) Tucker (X,p)-circle X(12835)
tangential power curve X(40345) Tixier antipode X(477) trilinear permutation conic of X(1054) X(39335) Tucker parameter X(13323)
Tarry point X(98) Tixier point X(476) trilinear products of circumcircle-P-antipodes X(36033) two-parallels points X(47371)
TC conics X(36404) Torricelli point X(13) trilinear squares X(23993)
TCC perspectors X(1601) tri-equilateral inner/outer circles X(10631) Trinh triangle X(7688)


U(k, n) triangle X(5858) U-Hodpieces X(40212) Ursa minor/major triangles X(17603)
U(P) circles X(6129) U-Van Lamoen circles X(8176)


V(P) circles X(6137) Vijay ellipses X(44733) Vijay-Paasche-Hutson triangles X(38487) Vu P-cirumcircle points X(38451)
V- transform / V transforms on the circumcircle X(36514) Vijay incentral circles and excentral circles X(44039) Vijay-Paasche-Hutson triangles, associated points X(39607) Vu parallels conics X(40197)
V-perspeconics X(45188) Vijay orthic medial circles and triangles X(45979) Vu (k)-conics X(38433) Vu PCC perspectors X(38900)
Van Lamoen circle X(1153) Vijay orthic medial conic X(45979) Vu (P,U)-circles X(38457) Vu pedal translations X(38005)
Van Lamoen circumcenters point X(592) Vijay orthic polar triangle of circumcircle X(44192) Vu (P,U)-circles perspectors X(38536) Vu pedal-centroidal circles X(38317)
Van Lamoen homothetic centers X(493) Vijay parallel transforms 1-13 X(43970) Vu antipedal translations X(38305) Vu points X(34520)
Van Lamoen perpendicular bisectors point, 1st X(591) Vijay parallel transforms, 12th X(45289) Vu cevian tangential perspectors X(38809) Vu poles X(37756)
Vecten point X(485) Vijay parallel triangles X(42970) Vu cevian-circles perspectors and related cyclocevian conjugates X(38825) Vu T-transform X(34914)
Vecten triangles, 2nd & 3rd X(32488) Vijay polar medial circles and triangles X(45845) Vu circlecevian point X(34892) Vu tangential transforms X(38848)
Vega transform X(1981) Vijay reflected squares point X(37838) Vu circles X(37806) Vu-Dao-isodynamic equilateral triangles X(5478)
vertex conjugates X(3415) Vijay triangles associated with Vijay ellipses X(44733) Vu circumcevian-orthocenter perspectors X(38331) Vu-Lozada QA-points X(38247)
Vertex V of parallelograms X(47347) Vijay-Hutson triangles X(44021) Vu circumcevian-orthocenter, 2nd perspectors X(38336) Vu-Miquel points X(45238)
Vietnamese circles X(39210) Vijay-Paasche midpoints perspector X(37881) Vu isodynamicpPerspectors X(39402)
Vietnamese lines, trilinear poles of X(39274) Vijay-Paasche tangents perspector X(37884) Vu isogonal perspectors X(39453)
Vietnamese points X(39177) Vijay-Paasche-Hutson triangles X(37994) Vu orthogonal conics X(40306)


Wabash center X(364) Walsmith triangle X(32217) Weill point X(354) Wolk-Feuerbach point X(5532)
Walsmith points X(5000) Walsmith-Moses points X(5002) Wernau points X(1337)
Walsmith rectangular hyperbola X(32110) Wasat triangle X(21616) Wolk perspector X(5506)


X(1)X(5) line intercepts 37691-37740 X(37691) X-parabola X(12064) Xcom(T) X(3663)
X(2)X(6) line intercepts 37636-37690 X(37636) X-parabola-tangential triangle X(12064)


Yff parabolic point X(190) Yiu angle point X(848) Yiu reflection point X(5627) Yiu-Hutson conic X(14379)
Yff tangents inner/outer triangles X(10527) Yiu conic X(478) Yiu tangents triangle X(7495)
Yff-Malfatti point X(400) Yiu infinity points X(39469) Yiu-Hatzipolakis point X(1148)


Zana point X(40140) Zaniah triangles X(18214) Zeeman-Gossard perspector X(402) Zosma transform X(1824)