Kurt Schiffler (1896-1986)
engineer and founder of DUSYMA

In 1925, Kurt Schiffler founded the firm DUSYMA, which specializes in the manufacture of toys, furniture, and educational materials for kindergarten.

An accomplished amateur geometer, Schiffler discovered one of the most attractive of the "twentieth-century" triangle centers, now known as the Schiffler point. If I denotes the incenter of a triangle ABC, then the Euler lines of the triangles ABI, BCI, CAI all meet in the Schiffler point. In fact, the Euler line of the reference triangle ABC itself passes through this point, too.

Kurt Schiffler also contributed to a wide variety of other fields, including geology (mineralogy and crystallography), music (mandolin), art, and education. The name of the company he founded, DUSYMA, is derived from initial letters of Durchmesser-Symmetrie-Masstabes.

Schiffler point
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