Eriogonum prattenianum, Durand
var. avium Reveal & Shevock

In 1850 Henry Pratten left New Harmony for a collecting trip to California. He returned in 1851 and sent his plant specimens to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. There, they formed the basis for a publication by Elias Durand in which one of the new species was given the name Eriogonum prattenianum Durand.

More than a century later, botanists announced a new variety of the species, shown in the two images on this page. This plant is classified as rare.

The announcement was in the form of an article:

James L. Reveal and James R. Shevock, "New variety of Eriogonum prattenianum (Polygonaceae; Eriogonoideae) from the southern Sierra Nevada," Phytologia 66 (1989) 249-250.

The Introduction in the article tells that in 1968, Munz and Reveal [see Supplement to A California Flora, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1968] noted the existence of an isolated high elevation variation of Erigonum prattenianum in Fresno Co., California. At that time the plant was known only from a single collection. In 1984 Shevock and [Tim] McLaughlin hiked to Kettle Dome [overlooking Tehipite Valley in Kings Canyon National Park] to collect adequate material for a proper analysis.

The images shown above were provided by Dr. James R. Shevock of the National Park Service.

To the right, you see images of the original Erigonum prattenianum, provided by Professor James L. Reveal of the University of Maryland.

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