Rafinesquia, a genus-name
honoring C. S. Rafinesque

Photos by Larry Blakely

Rafinesquia is the name of a genus in the family Asteraceae.. The name was established in

Thomas Nuttall, Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 2 (1841) 429.

See also

A. Cronquist, Intermountain Flora, New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, 1994 (volume 5, page 438).

Representing the genus Rafinesquia on this page is Rafinesquia neomexicana, also called desert chicory or New Mexico plumseed . These photographs, along with three others of the same species, were taken by on March 19, 1998 by Larry Blakely. These and thousands of other Native Wildflowers of California can be accessed just below. The images shown here are protected by copyright. I thank Dr. Blakely for permission to use them.

Native Wildflowers of California (Brousseau Collection)
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque, naturalist
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