Lesquerella, a genus-name
honoring Leo Lesquereux

Lesquerella is the name of a genus in the family Brassicaceae.. The name was established in

Serano Watson, "Contributions to American Botany, XV" Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 23 (1888) 249-287.

Watson writes that the genus is "named in honor of Leo Lesquereux, 1805-1889, Swiss and American Botanist."

See also

Reed Rollins and E. A. Shaw, The Genus Lesquerella (Cruciferae) in North America, Harvard University Press, 1973.

Representing the genus Lesquerella on this page is Lesquerella occidentalis, or western bladderpod. This photograph, taken by Brother Alfred Brousseau, F. S. C., is one of several images of the same species, along with thousands of others, which can be viewed at the Native Wildflowers of California site. The image is protected by copyright. I thank the copyright owner, Brother Eric Vogel, F. S. C., St. Mary's College of California, for permission to use the image.
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