Verner Emil Hoggatt. Jr. (1921-1981)

Vern Hoggatt, along with Brother Alfred Brousseau, published the first volume of The Fibonacci Quarterly in 1963, thereby founding the Fibonacci Association. The Quarterly has grown into a well recognized number theory journal, and the Association will sponsor its Ninth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications during the year 2000.

The April 4, 1969 issue of TIME Magazine reported on the phenomenal growth of the Fibonacci Association. That same year, Houghton Mifflin published Vern's book, Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers, perhaps the world's best introduction to the subject in book form.

Howard Eves has written that "During his long and outstanding tenure at San Jose State University, Vern directed an enormous number of master's theses, and put out an amazing number of attractive papers... He became the authority on Fibonacci and related numbers."

For a closer look at the Fibonacci Association and its founders, see

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