Fall Schedule
Chemistry 1009:30-10:45 AMTuThKC 101
Chemistry 100 Lab 11:00-3:00 PMTuKC 338
Chemistry 100 Lab 23:00-5:00 PMTuKC 338
Chemistry 35110:00-10:50 AMMWFKC 301
Chemistry 351 Lab1:00-5:00 PMThKC 301
Office Hours: M,F 1:00-4:00 PM; W 3:00-4:30 PM

Course Descriptions

Chemistry 100, Fundamentals of Chemistry

This four credit hour course is designed for non-science majors who have never had a chemistry course in high school. Chem 100 will introduce students to the basic topics of chemistry, including the use of the periodic table, chemical bonding and shapes of molecules, organic molecules, and acids and bases. For each topic, real-world examples will be given that highlight the importance of science, and chemistry in particular, in our everyday world.

Chemistry 351, Physical Chemistry

A four credit hour course designed for chemistry and biochemistry majors. After a brief introduction into quantum mechanics, thermodynamics will be introduced alongside of statistical mechanics. Statistics will provide the link between the microscopic view of matter (atoms and molecules with discrete energy levels) and the traditional macroscopic view of matter measured in terms of temperature, pressure and enthalpy. The course will finish with a discussion of chemical equilibrium.

The lab will begin with laser spectroscopy and its use to probe the electronic and vibrational energy levels of a simple diatomic molecule. After a lecture on magnetic resonance theory, we will use magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study a liquid crystal and a ruby crystal. We will then proceed to more traditional pchem I labs with a study of gases, including a measurement of the Joule-Thomson effect and the heat capacity ratio in a series of gases. Other labs include a study of a ternary phase diagram, measuring the heat content of molecules, and the equilibrium that exists in a laser dye solution.

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