Trumpet Extravaganza
Dr. Timothy Zifer's Faculty Recital
Tuesday, November 12, 2002

zifert.gif (28K)

Timothy Zifer, Trumpet

and the rest of the
Lousiana Brass

John Schusslein, Trumpet
Jeff Leenhouts, Horn
Cason Duke, Trombone
Richard Brown, Tuba

Dance Wilke Renwick A Suite of 17th Century Dances William Brade/Thomas Simpson ed. Raymond Mase 1. Intrada 2. Pavane 3. Galliard 4. Galliard 5. Pavane 6. Galliard Quintet No. 2 Victor Ewald I. Allegro Risoluto II. Theme con Variationi III. Allegro Vivace
Fanfare David Wyatt Four Sketches Anthony Plog I. Allegro II. Allegro vivace III. Andante IV. Allegro Fancies, Toyes and Dreams Giles Farnaby ed., arr. Elgar Howarth I. The Old Spagnoletta II. His Rest III. Tell mee Daphne (yes me is mee) IV. A Toye V. A Dreame VI. The New Sa-hoo

Wheeler Concert Hall
University of Evansville
7:30 p.m.