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The Todsapon lab is involved in the synthesis of novel organometallic compounds and their use as reactive catalysts in various organic reactions with the focus on the conversion of biomass and its derivatives.  With this approach, liquid biofuels and higher valued chemicals could potentially be synthesized.  We utilize a combination of air-sensitive techniques to prepare the catalysts and use various characterization techniques such as NMR, GC, and X-ray crystallography to determine the result of the reactions.

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We welcome Matt Abele and Andrea Onyett as the newest group members.  Matt and Andrea will be participating in summer research at UE.

Ben has been accepted to Penn State for Ph.D in Physical Chemistry starting Fall 2014 . Congratulations Ben!

Tyler has beeb accepted to The University of Illinois for Ph.D in Physical Chemistry starting Fall 2014.  Congratulations Tyler!

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