ART 340
Painting, Summer 2001

instructed by
Ralph Larmann

University of Evansville

Art Department

Summer 2001

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Required materials

First Semester Students
Assignments, Papers, and Projects

Second Semester Students
Assignments, Papers, and Projects

Third Semester Students
Assignments, Papers, and Projects

Fourth Semester Students
Assignments, Papers, and Projects

Art Studio Chalkboard:Painting

SYLLABUS: Second Semester


1st semester students: Oil paints and supplies will be used during the first semester.
  • COLORS: 2 oz. tubes of each:
    • cadmium yellow medium
    • ultramarine blue
    • cobalt blue
    • cadmium red medium
    • alizarin crimson
    • pthalo green
    • raw siena
    • burnt umber
    • 4 oz. tube of titanium white
  • BRUSHES: #9 or #10 flat, #4 or #5 round, #1 or #2 round, palette knife
  • PALETTE: made of glass or a suitable palette pad
  • GROUND & SUPPORTS: canvas panels and prestretched canvas as needed.
  • RECEPTACLES: with lids for brush cleaning and to hold medium mixture
  • CLEAN UP: paper towels and rags, bar of soap
  • MEDIUM: 2.5 oz W&N Liquin Painting
  • PAINT THINNER: 1 qt or more, odorless
  • SKETCHBOOK: 9 x 12, for ideas

2nd, 3rd, and 4th semester students

: Students who have completed the first semester of painting may select any painting medium.
Suggested supplies by medium:


  • MEDIUM: 8 oz each of damar varnish, pure gum turpentine, cold-pressed linseed oil


  • MEDIUM: 8 oz. Acrylic Gel Medium

BOTH: these supplies are for both media.

  • GESSO: 1/2 gallon white acrylic gesso
  • CANVAS: 2 yds. 48" wide
  • MASONITE BOARD: 2- 18" x 24"
  • GESSO BRUSH: 2" house painter brush
  • WOOD: 2- 6' sections of 1"x 2" firring, 2- 6' sections 1" quarter round.
  • SUPPLIES: wood glue, 1" brads
  • STAPLE GUN: and staples

OTHER MEDIA: Will be discussed individually.


Painting 1: Still Life.
Use contrasting shapes and complementary color to paint a still life. 11" x 14" minimum dimensions.

Painting 2: .Self Portrait.
Using a 11" x 14" gessoed canvas as your support and ground, paint a self portrait. You may work from photographs, but some work from life MUST be included.

Painting 3: Screens and Veils.
This work should use transparency and overlapping as a major feature. The idea of something hidden and partially revealed should come into play. Minimum size: 16" x 20."

Painting 4: Outdoor Scene.
Work from life and depict an outdoor environment and/or objects. Minimum size: 16" x 20"

Painting 5: Open Project: Theme is object and objectification. Any size.

Painting 6: Open Project: Theme is an aspect of humanity. Any size.

Painting 7: Open Project: Theme is falsehood and illusion. Any size.

Painting 8: Mural Project.
The class will be participating in the painting of a large-scale mural. Students will be responsible for a section. This project will introduce students to collaborative projects, public art, and basic organizational skills needed for large-scale works.

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