ART 213 COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Introduction to Illustrator


Work with the object and type attributes within Adobe Illustrator

Size requirement: image area 8" x 10"

Elements of the Project

Use type to create rhythms in text. Remember to use a small group of basic elements throughout the work to unify it. Things like shape, color, size, etc. can be reused in varying degrees. Try to use many variations of text rather than working with same font size, color, etc. throughout.

You may pick an existing poem or write your own. Use the rhythms in the poem to help dictate the kind of rhythms that will be used in your composition.

Any sort of frame or unifying background may be used along with any decorations/embellishments

Place the finished artwork in the Hand-In folder with the name:
100 points total- All elements of this project due 3 pm, January 29, 2001

Examples of Student Work from Fall 2000