ART 213 COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Introduction to Illustrator/Photoshop

Indiana License Plate

Work with the objects and text and their attributes within Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

Size requirement: minimum image area 9.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches high

Elements of the Project:

Using Illustrator as your artist's palette, create a new license plate and slogan for the State of Indiana. The artwork should be created as a background for a variety of numbers and letters which will be superimposed upon them. You should also include an explanation of why you chose the slogan and design and attach it to the back. Include your name, address and a daytime phone number. Works will be entered into the statewide competition to design the new State of Indiana license plate. Really!

The finished work will be printed in color and mounted on black matboard.

Place the finished artwork in the Group Shared folder with the name:
Also print out one copy of the assignment in color to be entered into the competition.
100 points total- All elements of this project due 3 pm., March 14, 2001

Examples of Student Work from Fall 2000