ART 213 COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Introduction to QuarkXpress

The Secret Lives of Insects

Work with text and image boxes and their attributes within QuarkXpress.

Size requirement: image area 71/2" x 10." Page perimeter is 81/2" x 11" which leaves a one-half inch white border on the finished work.

Elements of the Project:

Using a portion or portions from your Insect Project from Illustrator, illustrate a text which outlines the "secret life" of insects. This can be very scientific or completely whimsical. Take special care in the arrangement and and make the type "fit" the work. Avoid "widows and orphans" or areas of hanging text. Also check to make sure that there are no gutters. There should be at least one area of background color, one imported graphic image from the Illustrator assignment, and text with at least two variations, i.e. two different fonts, or styles, etc.

The finished work will be printed in color, so make sure to prepare your image for color printing.

Place the finished artwork in the Group Shared folder with the name: userid-final.qkx
Also print out one in color and mount it on matboard.
200 points total- All elements of this project due 3 pm., April 27, 2001

Examples of Student Work from Fall 2000