ART 213 Computer Graphicsinstructed by Ralph Larmann

T-T 2:45-4 pmHyde 224

The Pen, Pencil and Paintbrush tools are useful for creating paths. Paths are the lines that bound an object. Anchor points control the shape and dimensions of an object as well.

To create a path with the Pen tool: Select the Pen tool, position the cursor where the stroke should begin, click once, move to another location click again, double click to end path.

To create an object with the Pen tool: Follow process of clicking, to close the object place cursor over starting position, a small "o" will appear, click to close.

To create a curved path with the Pen tool: Position cursor, then click and hold while dragging to another location, release mouse, repeat process.

To add an anchor point to a path: Select the Add Anchor Point tool, position tip of pen on path, click once.

To delete and anchor point from a path: Select the Delete Anchor Point tool, position tip of pen on an anchor point, click once.

To convert an anchor point from a corner to a curve: Select Convert Anchor tool, position point of tool over point to be converted, click once. In the case of converting a corner to a curve, a set of handles will appear and the curve can be modified using them.

Paths can also be created with the Pencil tool. To create a path with the Pencil tool: Position cursor over starting position, hold down on Mouse and drag in any direction. The Pencil tool emulates the process of freehand drawing and leaves an irregular path.

To smooth a rough, angular path: Select the Smoothing Pencil tool, position the cursor over starting point, click and hold while dragging over the path to be modified.

To erase a path, or parts of a path: Select the Eraser tool, position the cursor over a segment of a selected path, click and hold while dragging over the path to be erased.

To create a broad stroke: Select the Paintbrush tool, position cursor, click and drag to desired location. Note: Strokes made by the Paintbrush tool sometimes are a combination of stroke and fill, rather than just a stroke.

More Path modification tools can be found in the Pathfinder Window.



Pen, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point, Convert Anchor, tools

Pencil, Pencil Smoothing, and Eraser tools.

Paintbrush tool


Remember the Direct Selection arrow and the Direct Selection Lasso will allow you to select individual anchor points.