ART 213 COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Introduction to Illustrator


Work with the objects and text and their attributes within Adobe Illustrator

Size requirement: image area 9" x 6" plus crop marks. Page perimeter is 10" x 7" which leaves a half inch white border on the finished work.

Elements of the Project:

Using Pantone colors, draw an insect of your choice. Be as accurate in the rendering as possible. Include in the image the scientific name of the insect, and some text which relates to the subject. Layout of the text and image are important attributes of this assignment. remember to employ the principles of design by using rhythms, repetition, and other strategies to make a more interesting work.

The finished work will be printed in black and white with crop marks identifying the perimeters of the page.

Place the finished artwork in the Group Shared folder with the name:
Also print out one copy of the assignment in black and white.
200 points total- All elements of this project due 2:45 pm., October 5, 2000

Examples of Student Work from Fall 2000