ART 213 COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Introduction to Photoshop

Rebel Funk Filharmonica

Create a CD cover for the fictitious musical group Rebel Funk Filharmonica. This should be an original design, although you may research the assignment by looking at other CD covers.

Size requirement: must fit in a CD "jewel case"
Resolution: 300 dpi
Mode: CMYK

Parts of the Final Phase:

The final printed version must be printed with crop marks. This should give a professional printer an idea of how the final cover will look and show where to cut. Other inserts may also be added, i.e. lyrics, bar code, producer, record label, etc. can be added. The more professional this looks; the better the grade.

This final flat will be accompanied by cyan, magenta, yellow, and black color separations. These separations will be produced in black and white.

Print a second flat original and cut it to size and specifications to fit the jewel box. You may also want to create a circular label for the CD. Mount the jewel box and any associated materials on black matboard. Make sure to do this cleanly by using materials like spray adhesive or rubber cement. Put a label with your name, username, and project name "cover."

Place the digital artwork in the Group Shared folder with the name: userid-cover.psd
200 points total- All elements of this project due 2:45 pm., December 7, 2000

Examples of Student Work from Fall 2000