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Women Mystery and Detective Fiction Writers & the Rise of Feminism

 green2.JPG (32577 bytes) Anna Katharine Green: Click on picture for links to Early Mystery Writers

dorothy.jpg (27818 bytes) Dorothy L. Sayers: Click on picture for a site about Dorothy L. Sayers

Marsh1.JPG (31600 bytes) Ngaio Marsh: Click on picture for more information on Ngaio Marsh
James4.jpg (2724 bytes) P.D. James: Click on picture for interviews with P.D. James   ac.jpeg (5092 bytes) Agatha Christie: Click on the picture for a site about Agatha Christie   Nancy Drew: Click on Nancy's picture to go to her website
Sue Grafton: Click on Sue's picture to see more links Sara Paretsky: Click on Sara's picture to view a web site with more links Patricia Cornwell: Click on picture to go to Patricia Cornwell site
Marcia Muller:Click on picture to go to Marcia Muller site. Laurie R. King:Click on picture to go to Laurie R. King site. Carolyn Heilbrun:Click on picture to go to Carolyn Heilbrun site.
Patricia Highsmith:Click on picture to go to Patricia Highsmith site. Mary Roberts Rinehart:Click on picture for Mary Roberts Rinehart site.

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