Archaeology News

5/21/2011 A Bronze Age battle?

4/30/2011 A victim of the Romans?--they can be sure it was a Roman sword? wielded by a Roman?

4/21/2011 The archaeology of martyrs

4/19/2011 More prehistoric folks living in peaceful harmony with their environment

4/18/2011 An Iron Age massacre?

4/8/2011 Metals and recession in ancient Britain

3/30/2011 Mummy dogs in Egypt

3/29/2011 A preserved Iron Age brain

3/25/2011 X-ray fluorescence in archaeology

3/24/2011 This excavation in Texas may end the "Clovis First" debate, with the answer being, "Clovis wasn't first"; more; more

3/24/2011 Fake or not?

3/17/2011 Oldest Christian church in Thessalonike discovered

3/10/2011 Interesting discovery of Middle Paleolithic tools in Greece

3/5/2011 Evidence for the coastal route of migrants to North America?

3/3/2011 Millennium-old canoe excavated in Florida

2/25/2011 Spectacular Wari burials in Peru

2/25/2011 A rare Upper Paleolithic burial in Alaska

2/16/2011 Paleolithic skull-cups

2/4/2011 A newly-found Roman road in Dorset, England

2/4/2011 A Kebaran cemetery in Jordan 

1/21/2011 A very nice Roman marble vase

1/20/2011 Doggie dinner

1/11/2011 The earliest wine-press; more

1/5/2011 Tree-ring basics

1/5/2011 A summary of recent Paleo hominin finds

12/27/2010 Interesting Paleolithic find in Israel

12/27/2010 Ancient cancers

12/23/2010 Yet another hominim species

12/21/2010 Cannibalized Neanderthals

12/14/2010 Really old Chinese soup

12/12/2010 Woodhenge II debunked?

12/11/2010 A losing (apparently) gladiator?

12/4/2010 The tomb of Hecatomnus found?--the story is wrong about the date. There is no way that this sarcophagus dates to 800 BC, as the story indicates. It also does not appear that there is a definite connection to Hecatomnus, who was the king of Caria in the early 4th century BC. The tomb also has a keystone arch. I would not be surprised if this turns out to be closer to the end of the 4th century than the beginning.

12/4/2010 Passage grave with intact burials from the Orkneys

11/27/2010 This story about Chinese villagers being descended from Roman soldiers is getting an amazing amount of play--a much more likely reason for a genetic connection to western Europeans is a connection with the Tocharians.

11/25/2010 Archaeological evidence for the Battle of Towton

11/23/2010 A gaffe, perhaps, but if made completely out of gold, the UK Culture minister did no harm to the bracelet

11/22/2010 A Roman bath in Jerusalem

11/15/2010 Blurb on excavations at Nemea; one of our majors, Michael Koletsos, participated

11/15/2010 A Buddhist monastery in Afghanistan

11/7/2010 Not good: collapse of the House of the Gladiators at Pompeii

11/6/2010 Interesting aerial photograph from WW II reveals Tudor-era garden

11/3/2010 I would take the claim of sex-crazed Neanderthals with a grain of salt

11/2/2010 Blurb on an exhibition on Egyptian Book of the Dead at the British Museum

11/1/2010 Newly discovered passage grave in the Orkneys

11/1/2010 A new Bronze Age hoard from Essex in England

11/1/2010 Origins of the Black Plague

10/29/2010 New ideas about the construction of Silbury Hill in England

10/29/2010 Early evidence for pressure-flaking and heat treatment of stone from Southern Africa

10/24/2010 Kinda cool-"History of the World" in 100 Objects

10/21/2010 A Chalkolithic period door from Switzerland

10/18/2010 A somewhat confused synthesis of recent work done on the Linear Pottery Culture (aka the LBK Culture)

10/4/2010 Newly-discovered statue of Amenhotep III

9/28/2010 A Mediterranean migrant in Bronze Age Britain

9/22/2010 This appears to be a common kind of Byzantine burial that is covered by roof tiles--where there is one of these things, there are undoubtedly many more nearby.

9/20/2010 Evidence for a somewhat earlier migration of homo sapiens sapiens from Africa--it is eventually going to turn out that small groups were coming out of Africa more or less constantly during the Lower and Middle Paleolithic. The interesting issue will be finding out what happened when later migrants encountered earlier ones.

9/14/2010 Intact Roman helmet from Cumbria

9/8/2010 Progressive backpedaling on the Amazonian rainforest--do you remember, boys and girls, about all of those age-old rain forests unsullied by human settlements?

9/7/2010 An Egyptian desert town

9/4/2010 A complete Roman lantern

9/2/2010 Baltic shipwreck yields old champagne

9/2/2010 Natufian feasting in Israel

9/1/2010 A Moabite Iron Age temple

9/1/2010 A Viking-era earthwork

9/1/2010 Homo antecessor cannibalism?

9/1/2010 No mammoth-killing asteroid according to these guys--It appears that we have the makings of an academic feud here

8/30/2010 A good year for crop marks in the UK

8/27/2010 Irish railroad workers' grave in Pennsylvania

8/26/2010 Possible legionary headquarters found in Yorkshire

8/26/2010 A new theory about Oetzi the Iceman's burial

8/26/2010 Early projectile points in S. Africa

8/25/2010 A Paleo-Indian skeleton from underwater cave in Mexico

8/22/2010 Wall paintings in Petra

8/20/2010 A huge Roman canal

8/18/2010 Interesting if true-Roman villa in Britain might belong to the emperor Pertinax.

8/18/2010 Roundhead mass grave excavated

8/17/2010 Pompeii victims roasted, not suffocated

8/13/2010 Tomb with marble sarcophagus found in Turkey. The date given ("2800 years old") must be incorrect and is off by 400 years at least. This thing cannot possibly be any earlier than the 4th century BC.

7/21/2010 New henge at Stonehenge; more

7/15/2010 Ship found in lower Manhattan landfill; I think that they mean that they will send the timbers to a lab for dendrochronology, not endocrinology

7/8/2010 Hoarding behavior of this Roman-era sort goes far back into the Bronze Age

7/7/2010 Evidence of homo antecessor in Britain; more

6/30/2010 I had never heard of this henge

6/6/2010 Paleolithic ochre production

6/2/2010 The earliest Neanderthals in Britain

5/11/2010 Remote sensing in Belize

5/7/2010 Neanderthals & h. sap.2 doing the wild thing?

4/8/2010 A new Australopithecus species; more; even more

3/25/2010 A new hominin

3/17/2010 Dog origins in Near Eastern gray wolves

3/16/2010 More Tarim mummies

3/12/2010 Anglo-Saxons give Vikings a rude reception

2/19/2010 The Battle of Bosworth located

2/15/2010 Finds of Paleolithic tools on Crete point to really ancient mariners

1/22/2010 This study of yDNA suggesting an expansion from Anatolia to Europe ca. 10,000 BC differs from mtDNA studies

1/21/2010 Queen Eadgyth’s remains possibly found in Germany

1/9/2010 The research about Neanderthal jewelry/cosmetics is interesting, but why the authors feel the need to slay the “dumb Neanderthal” strawman escapes me.

1/4/2010 A Late Period tomb at Sakkara in Egypt

1/1/2010 mtDNA testing of an Upper Paleolithic man

12/28/2009 The Tomb of Cao in China

12/18/2009 The Coso Petroglyphs

12/15/2009 Putting flowers in graves goes way back

12/13/2009 File this under the “been there, done that” file: that Greek temples overwhelmingly face east has been apparent for 150 years

12/7/2009 The not-so-great health of ancient Egyptians

12/7/2009 More Neolithic folk living in peaceful harmony

12/3/2009 Ever wondered what an aurochs skull looks like?

12/2/2009 An exhibition opens on “Old Europe”

11/20/2009 Puzzling animal extinctions

11/18/2009 Atherosclerotic Egyptians

11/10/2009 Mayan paintings

11/10/2009 Cambyses’ lost army found in the Sahara?

11/4/2009 Roman-era grave in Thrace

11/1/2009 Important Mayan site found in lake

10/28/2009 Moving the Battle of Bosworth

10/16/2009 We are all girly-men and girly-women according to this anthropologist

10/12/2009 Some well-preserved artifacts from the Mary Rose

10/6/2009 Some serious high tech brought to bear on a possible hidden Leonardo painting

10/2/2009 OMG-Bluehenge!

10/1/2009 Newly discovered early hominid, Ardipithecus ramidus

10/1/2009 Excavations at Portus near Rome; more

9/24/2009 Hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold artifacts discovered; a much more informative post here

9/17/2009 Conservation of Viking artifacts

9/8/2009's what was for dinner?

9/7/2009 Easter Island sculptures

9/3/2009 A Canaanite wall in East Jerusalem

9/3/2009 An earlier date for Acheulean tools (and presumably Homo erectus) in Europe

8/28/2009 A really nice hoard of silver

8/26/2009 More on "hobbits"

8/15/2009 A new theory about the construction of Hadrian's Wall

8/14/2009 Another early British trackway

8/14/2009 Early heat treatment of stone-knapping materials

8/12/2009 Embittered Neanderthals

8/9/2009 New ideas about Cahokia

7/30/2009 Roman Altinum emerges

7/23/2009 Roman shipwrecks

7/16/2009 Upper Paleolithic Britain

6/29/2009's what's for dinner!??

6/26/2009 If this discovery of Upper Paleolithic flutes pans out, it will cast new light on the debate over human cognitive development; more

6/25/2009 X-raying a Roman-era Egyptian mummy

6/19/2009 The new Acropolis museum opens

6/18/2009 A discovery at our own local site of Angel Mounds--the investigators believe that this was one of the earliest Mississippian structures on the site, comparable in date to Mound A

6/16/2009 A possibly intact Aztec tomb

6/16/2009 Neolithic graves in England

6/11/2009 A mass of Celtic skeletons

6/5/2009 Paleolithic barbeque

6/5/2009 Mayan plant motifs

6/4/2009 A witch-bottle

6/2/2009 Arguments over the earliest pottery continue

5/29/2009 A short article on undeciphered scripts

5/28/2009 Controversy over Norse presence on Baffin Island

5/27/2009 Origins of leprosy

5/22/2009 New and interesting dating technique applicable to ceramics

5/13/2009 A new and very early "Venus" figurine from Germany

5/3/2009 3-D catacombs in Rome

5/1/2009 Study on African DNA has some interesting hints for archaeologists

4/30/2009 Not archaeology, but these Kenyan women are taking a page out of Aristophanes' Lysistrata

4/29/2009 A newly-found Roman millefiori bowl

4/29/2009 More unsurprising news about the ancestry of Native Americans

4/18/2009 Neanderthal "races"?

 Population subgroup may be more accurate

4/16/2009 Organic residue analysis applied to some Old Kingdom wine jars in Egypt

4/15/2009 Remnants of a huge ditch and wood circle complex in Ireland

4/14/2009 Not archaeology, but I have noticed this correlation myself

4/2/2009 Irish-Scot DNA studies

4/1/2009 Monster lions roamed Paleo Europe and America

3/30/2009 Interesting article on a kind of Southern grave

3/25/2009 Coming soon to a cosmetic counter near you

3/25/2009 Lost Irishmen

3/24/2009 Neat discovery in a medieval church

3/24/2009 Original Greek bronze sculpture recovered from sea

3/22/2009 Horse domestication

3/18/2009  More on Gobekli Tepe--astonishing if true, but many of these stelai are very similar in shape & even the style of the animals to later Bronze Age ones in Anatolia.

3/15/2009 An old stone fish-trap in Wales

3/12/2009 Earlier date for Chinese homo erectus

3/12/2009 Caravaggio, a hi-tech artist

3/8/2009 Not sure what to make of this about Venetian vampires

3/6/2008 Horse domestication may have occurred as early as 3500 BC; more at BBC

3/4/2009 Otzi the Iceman, up close and more personal than some may care to go....

3/4/2009 All kinds of goodies turning up in London Olympics excavation

3/2/2009 Ancient hunting in Israel

2/27/2009 The bold stride of H. erectus

2/26/2009 Paleo tool cache in Colorado

2/20/2009 Queen Elizabeth's high-tech navy

2/12/2009 Even more mummies

2/12/2009 No Neanderthal ancestors, folks

2/9/2009 Peering inside a mummy case

2/4/2009 Organic residue analysis shows chocolate use in Chaco Canyon

1/29/2009 Sicilian mummies

1/29/2009 Everyone gets grossed out by all of the worms found in coprolites, but ...are they our friends?

1/18/2008 Gee, if Uther Pendragon says so, who are we to challenge him?

1/15/2009 Poison gas in ancient warfare

1/11/2009 Interesting discovery of Neolithic grave in Istanbul

1/11/2009 Comet crashes and famine?

1/10/2009 A 6th Dynasty queen's mummy

1/7/2009 Very well preserved burials from China

12/31/2009 An Argentine shipwreck

12/23/2008 Old Kingdom tombs discovered in Egypt

12/19/2008 Notice of an interesting show on ancient Greek women at the Met; the review itself is tiresome and trite, making the freshman mistake of equating "goddess" and "woman"--more evidence of the accelerating decline of the New York Times

12/18/2008 A new Meroitic inscription

12/18/2008 Newly discovered Wari city in Peru

12/12/2008 A 2000 year-old brain

12/3/2008 The Chachapoyas of Peru

12/2/2008 Upper Paleolithic finds from Russia

12/1/2008 Not archaeology, but are these photographs spectacular or what?

11/27/2008 Another Neolithic village in Thessaly

11/20/2008 Copernicus' remains identified

11/19/2008 A very nice find of a torque

11/19/2008 An alleged pre-Neolithic "temple"

11/19/2008 A family grave in Germany

11/19/2008 A new stele from Zincirli

11/19/2008 An article on the Tarim mummies

11/12/2008 Google Earth does ancient Rome

11/11/2008 Geez, how often do they find a new pyramid?

11/8/2008 Mystery of the screaming mummy

11/7/2008 Strength of monsoons shows long-term connection with solar activity. Fascinating. Just last spring, there were hysterical denials that solar activity had anything to do with climate change. Fortunately, these researchers, with an eye to their jobs, assure us that anthropogenic factors have displaced the sun as the main factor.

11/4/2008 A member of the media elite reviews a new production of the Oedipus cyle--unfortunately, this particular member thinks that Sophocles' plays were performed in an "amphitheater."

10/30/2008 Otzi the Iceman's folks apparently don't live on, though

10/30/2008 Phoenicia lives on! More

10/30/2008 The oldest Hebrew writing?

10/29/2008 The oldest temple in the world?

10/23/2008 The antiquities market

10/18/2008 Cleaning the Parthenon

10/17/2008 Macrinus' tomb found in Rome

10/15/2008 More peaceful primates bite the dust, or rather, some neighboring monkeys

10/10/2008 Interesting idea about Neolithic preference for green beads

10/9/2008 Not archaeology, but related: the Latin surge

10/7/2008 Exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls

10/6/2008 Sarcophagus of the son of a High Priest in Israel found

9/28/2008 The curse of Oetzi the Iceman?

9/26/2008 Shipwreck off the Namibian coast

9/24/2008 Neanderthals had a varied diet

9/22/2008 Redating the bluestone circle at Stonehenge

9/18/2008 Why is it that all of the reconstructions of "cave men" show them being dirty?

9/18/2008 Red faces in Britain

9/16/2008 Strange reason for exhumation

9/1/2008 Chariots in Iron Age Scotland

8/31/2008 The discovery of a 2-mile long palisade near Stonehenge is a big find

8/29/2008 Extensive ancient settlements and road systems in the Amazon--I don't understand. I thought there were only hunter-gathers living in peaceful harmony with nature since time immemorial! SNORT!

8/28/2008 Dead Sea scrolls on display

8/28/2008 Peruvian mummies

8/28/2008 Not archaeology, but interesting points about the difficulty of painting true frescoes

8/27/2008 Thames shipwrecks

8/26/2008 A new monumental sculpture of Marcus Aurelius from Sagalassos

8/25/2008 More Alpine finds

8/21/2008 The Iceman was an animal herder

8/21/2008 Evidently, this guy and his ancestors don't get out much

8/17/2008 A new sculpture of Faustina the Elder

8/15/2008 Roman sarcophagi in Newcastle

8/14/2008 Sahara excavations

8/13/2008 Roman temple found under church in Israel

6/6/2008 New old pyramid

6/3/2008 The "Talheim massacre" has been known for some time

6/2/2008 Interesting story on Greek cave archaeology

5/29/2008 New ideas about Stonehenge; more

5/23/2008 Two crystal skulls bite the dust--probably the rest are fake, too

5/14/2008 Claimed portrait sculpture of Julius Caesar from France said to date to 46 BC--I don't think that this is Caesar.

5/2/2008 Portuguese (?) shipwreck off the Namibian coast

4/29/2008 Yeah, but I bet even they didn't eat Brussels Sprouts

4/27/2008 Incan trepanation

4/25/2008 Acoustics of Epidauros (which is a theater, not an amphitheater, despite the headline)

4/25/2008 H. sap.2's precarious past; more

4/23/2008 Saxon genes in the Britain

4/22/2008 Tempera paint on the terracotta army

4/11/2008 Burial cave in Yorkshire

4/11/2008 Another site bites the dust...or rather, drinks the water

4/10/2008 Inscribed Roman altar from Manchester

4/10/2008 A mini Stonehenge

4/8/2008 A little blurb on Cahokia

4/8/2008 New perspectives on the Anasazi

4/8/2008 Unfortunately, stripping roofs for their metal has a long history

4/7/2008 Early Australians

4/4/2008 Vikings with Arab coins

4/4/2008 The British Columbia Iceman is not as old as Otzi, but is still interesting

4/4/2008 Keep track of current Stonehenge excavations

4/3/2008 Restoration of Donatello's David

4/3/2008 Coprolite controversy; more

4/3/2008 I do not even want to think about the "late tax" penalties the Aztec IRS would have imposed

4/1/2008 Well, it is April 1

4/1/2008 Determining the source of the tsunami that struck Alexandria in 365 AD

4/1/2008 Earliest known gold necklace from the New World; more

4/1/2008 Ancient mechanics

3/31/2008 This story about the destruction of "Sodom and Gomorrah" has to be a candidate for dumb post of the year

3/31/2008 New excavations at Stonehenge

3/29/2008 Discovery of an early hominim in Spain

3/20/2008 The Lost Tomb of Jesus debunked once again

3/20/2008 Early bipedalism

3/19/2008 Global cooling in 6th cent AD the result of volcanic eruption?

3/19/2008 Illegal sale of antiquities fueling terrorism

3/19/2008 The hobbits won't go away

3/17/2008 A new Bell Beaker burial in England

3/14/2008 Yet another pre-Inca religious building

3/13/2008 Native American mtDNA haplogroups

3/12/2008 Ancient brain surgery?

3/11/2008 Diminutive human skeletons found on Palau

3/8/2008 A variety of discoveries in Rome

3/6/2008 Yet more speculation about the "hobbits"

2/29/2008 Maya blue

2/28/2008 Strange find in a convent

2/28/2008 Another claimed early hominid I suspect that this will turn out not to be a real hominid

2/27/2008 Signs of early urbanism in Peru

2/25/2008 Archaeology & Antarctica

2/20/2008 Genetic studies of human dispersal--no big surprises here

2/19/2008 The Sassanian "Great Wall of Persia"

2/17/2008 Foxp2 is not the holy grail of human language

2/13/2008 Looting the Ban Chiang Culture

2/10/2008 High tech conservation for the Mary Rose

2/7/2008 Flash: Columbus did NOT introduce lice to the New World

2/5/2008 Mt. Lykaion said to have evidence for pre-Greek sacrifices I am a little skeptical of this, but who knows?

1/31/2008 Dendrochronology and the founding of Berlin

1/31/2008 New perspectives on the Adena Culture in Ohio

1/30/2008 Research on Black Death victims in England

1/27/2008 Mica was used to make some Mayan buildings gleam

1/26/2008 Bad news about nutrition and workloads at Amarna

1/25/2008 Osteological evidence for early shoes

1/23/2008 New human fossil discovery in China

1/19/2008 The Hot Pot returns home

1/18/2008 Interesting piece on medieval melees--not really archaeology, but what the hey

1/17/2008 The sunken city of Dunwich

1/16/2008 A very old sword from China

12/31/2007 Burials in Alaska

12/28/2007 I keep thinking that things can't get any more stupid, but here you go.

12/24/2007 The title of this article about Finns ice-skating 5000 years ago does not reflect the actual nature of the research

12/24/2007 House of Augustus in Rome to open next year to public

12/22/2007 Shipwreck from the Song Dynasty being raised

12/22/2007 "Pompeian Red" show in Rome

12/21/2007 Still more evidence of ancient people killing each other without a wicked Indo-European in sight

12/19/2007 New finds at Karnak in Egypt

12/14/2007 Roman trade with India--I don't see any evidence here showing that Roman ships were necessarily sailing around southern Africa

12/14/2007 Captain Kidd's ship discovered?

12/13/2007 New discoveries at Caistor in England

12/12/2007 Not sure that this article about the Spartans really shows what it claims. Unwanted infants were supposedly exposed, not thrown into the pit with criminals.

12/11/2007 Evolution in modern human populations

12/7/2007 Ridiculous!

12/6/2007 Viking halls found in Norway

12/5/2007 Very cool discovery of a wooden chair at Herculaneum

12/1/2007 A new translation of the Gnostic Gospel of Judas suggests the initial translation was mistaken

11/30/2007 Ancient biological warfare?

11/30/2007 Re-dating of a wall in Jerusalem

11/28/2007 Genetic evidence about human migration to the New World

11/21/2007 An update on the possible discovery of the Lupercal in Rome; another expert is doubtful

11/21/2007 New Anglo-Saxon royal burial site

11/16/2007 A beautifully preserved Roman street found in Jerusalem

11/15/2007 This article is a good example of archaeologists trying to get on the ecomania bandwagon. Note that the forest clearance and the disappearance of the Argaric culture was separated by 300 years. That is a long time, people. Drawing a direct connection between the two is not sound reasoning.

11/13/2007 Chocolate use in 1000 BC

11/6/2007 Dendrochronology

11/5/2007 Interesting discoveries at Stonehenge

11/4/2007 King Tut on display; more

10/31/2007 The "Red Lady" gets older

10/30/2007 Large Roman villa discovered in western Austria

10/29/2007 Roman tombstone found in Scotland The unfortunate Pict being ridden down by the Roman is probably a relative of UE's own Dr. MacLeod

10/28/2007 Positive review of the new Parthenon Museum

10/26/2007 Redhead Neanderthals

10/22/2007 Rare Saxon burial site discovered in England

10/19/2007 Czechs discover female terracotta from ca. 5000 BC

10/18/2007 Evidence for shellfish consumption among early H. sap

10/16/2007 Old Slavonic texts on birchbark

10/15/2007 Acropolis sculptures moved to new Athenian museum

10/12/2007 Colonial Spanish shipwreck

10/11/2007 World's oldest wall painting said to be found in Syria  Keep in mind, though, that considerably older paintings on cave walls have been discovered

10/5/2007 It would indeed be a pity if Cyrus' tomb is damaged

10/4/2007 Digitizing old books in the British Library

10/4/2007 Possible Neolithic copper-working site found in Serbia (will need to see whether the initial dating holds up)

10/4/2007 This technique for scanning weathered gravestones will be applicable to Greek & Roman epigraphy too.

9/30/2007 The replicas of the Danish Guldenhornene stolen & recovered

9/30/2007 Wider range for Neanderthals than previously thought

9/28/2007 Let's clone one of these

9/26/2007 Late Pleistocene extinctions caused by exploding comet?

9/20/2007 More on the "hobbit" argument; more at the BBC

9/20/2007 Pre-Inca mummies from Peru

9/20/2007 Early homo sp. outside of Africa more variable than thought; more here

9/19/2007 This article about the Thames Tunnel is worth a read

9/18/2007 Lengthy article in NYT on early hominids

9/14/2007 Lots o' arguments over connection of climate changes and Neanderthal extinction

9/13/2007 A mighty cool way to read fragile ancient manuscripts

9/10/2007 Newly-discovered Swiss lake building constructed in 3863 BC or a few years later

9/10/2007 Another possible Viking ship identified by GPR

9/10/2007 Exhuming the bodies found in the Viking Oseberg ship burial

9/10/2007 Bog mummies

9/10/2007 Ancient tunnel discovered under Jerusalem

9/7/2007 Inca mummy goes on display

9/5/2007 Possible Clovis site in Oregon

9/4/2007 Busy bees in ancient Israel

9/3/2007 New technique for cleaning artifacts and artworks

8/31/2007 Mass burial at Tell Brak dates to 3800 BC

8/30/2007 Part of  Herod's 2nd Temple discovered in Jerusalem? Criticism of the excavation.

8/21/2007 Newly discovered enclosure in Cork, Ireland

8/15/2007 Intact Etruscan tomb found