Microbiology Report

Due 11/17/03

Presentations on 11/19/03 and 12/3/03


            The report should be current information about your microbial disease either bacterial or viral.  The report should include the following.  Background information about the history of the disorder (when it was first noticed affecting people etc.).  The disease symptoms and signs such be addressed.  The way people get the disease should be included.  Also the most up to date treatments and preventions should be in the report.  The long lasting or permanent effects should be mentioned.  The report should be anywhere between 5 and 10 pages double-spaced.  The report is an individual assignment (even though you have a partner for the presentation).  The reports must be submitted to turnitin.com, the password along with the course number is listed in the syllabus.  The report must be submitted by 11/17/03.   A reference section should follow the report.  In this section you should include all material you used in writing the paper.  The references should include at least 2 current articles (no older than 3 years) from newspapers, magazines, or journals.  Each group is responsible for the presentation of their topic to their lab section.  In the presentation the people should summarize the disease by play acting a scenario of a person with the disease either meeting with a doctor or other professional.  In the play acting it should be mentioned the symptoms, mode of transmission, and possible treatments and preventions.


Grading of the Reports                    Points

Background information                     15

Signs and symptoms                           20

Methods of spread                              15

Treatments and prevention                   20

Lasting effects and cost                       15

Questions                                            10

References                                             5

Total                                                    100