Herbstsemester 2007

Section 1 (10:00)
Lehrer: John Meredig
Büro: OH 359
Sprechstunden: 12:00-12:45 Mo, Mi, Fr
                        1.30-2.30 Di, Do

Telefon: 2346 (Büro); 430-4904 (Handy)
e-mail: jm3
Section 2 (11:00) & Section 3 (12:00)
Lehrer: Lesley Pleasant
Büro: OH 361
Telefon: 2967 (Büro)
e-mail: hm6
Text: Moeller, et al. Deutsch Heute (8th ed.); Textbook & Arbeitsheft

  1. The official Deutsch Heute website (for Web Search Activities).
  2. To practice for the vocabulary mini-quizzes, go to Mini-Quizzes.

Other Cool Links
There are lots of excellent German-related websites on the internet. Check out About Germany, which has zillions of links, and German radio and TV.

Attendance is mandatory! You will be allowed four absences no questions asked. I make no distinction between "excused" and "unexcused" absences. Each absence beyond four will result in the loss of one percentage point off your course grade. Note that punctuality (Pünktlichkeit) is also very important. Routine tardiness will be counted as absences at my discretion. In case of emergency or extenuating circumstances, it is your responsibility to discuss it with me! More than ten absences will result in automatic failure of the course!
Daily written homework will be assigned from the textbook and Arbeitsheft. Assignments are graded on a ten-point scale, and are due at the beginning of the hour! Woe unto him or her who is foolhardy enough to attempt to do the homework during class!! Late assignments will be accepted only in case of severe extended illness or family emergencies. If you know you are going to be absent, do the homework in advance.
      Note: Copying assignments is not acceptable! DO YOUR OWN WORK! The first offense will get both parties a zero on that assignment; the second offense will result in the subtraction of 50 homework points; the third offense will get you a zero on your semester homework grade (15% of the total grade), and an official denunciation to the Dean of Students.
There will be four chapter tests along with a huge nasty final that will incorporate the material from Chap. 5. Together these count for 70% of your final grade. Of the final exam grade and the average score of your chapter tests, the higher one counts for 45% and the lower one for 25%. Thus the final exam can help you much more than it can hurt you.
      Note: Absences on test days will be excused only with a note from the coroner's office!
There will be numerous small vocabulary quizzes throughout the semester, which will amount to 10% of your semester grade.. The lowest two scores will be thrown out. These quizzes are given at the beginning of the period and only take 3-4 minutes. Thus if you are 5 minutes late to class, you will miss the quiz and get a zero. No make-ups are allowed on vocab quizzes, but you may take them in advance if you know that you are going to be absent.
Listening to the audio files is crucial in developing listening comprehension skills. They are available as digital computer files in the language lab (263 Library). The class will occasionally meet in the lab to do the lab manual listening exercises, which will count as a homeowrk assignment. You are strongly encouraged to listen and practice on your own as well. A file key for these digital files will be provided for you.
Appropriate classroom decorum will be observed at all times! Excessive talking, note-passing, sleeping, endless perusing of daily planners, etc. will not be tolerated. If you need to leave the room for any reason during class, you will have the courtesy to notify me rather than simply sauntering out the door. Do not write during oral drills, or I will assume you are doing something you shouldn't be doing and treat you accordingly. I will subtract points from your attendance/participation grade for obnoxious behavior at my discretion.
      Note: Cell phones will be turned off in class!!!
      Note: You may have something to drink in class, but no eating!
Tests/Final           70% (of your test average and final, the higher one = 45% and the lower one 25%)
Homework            15%
Vocab Quizzes     10%
Attendance            5%

23 Aug. - 11 Sep. Einführung/Kapitel 1
Mi., den 13. Sep. Prüfung: Einführung/Kap. 1
15 Sep. - 29 Sep. Kapitel 2
Mo., den 2. Okt. Prüfung: Kapitel 2
4 Okt. - 20 Okt. Kapitel 3
Mo., den 23. Okt. Prüfung: Kapitel 3
25 Okt. - 8 Nov. Kapitel 4
Fr., den 10 Nov. Prüfung: Kapitel 4
13 Nov. - 1 Dez. Kapitel 5
4 Dez. Review for Final

      Sec. 1: Dienstag, den 12. Dez., 12.30
      Sec. 2: Donnerstag, den 7. Dez., 8.00
      Sec. 3: Dienstag, den 12. Dez., 10.15