The Anarchiste 2


In this time we must fully realize the true origins of our society, not the so called “party line” they feed us.  True, while few of us find sanctuary in hidden places, what place is there for we strangelings?  Is absolute equality truly a good idea?  In our new world, our Walden Two, we are taught from an early age to behave, to conform.  From our glass cages at birth, to our debuts at age seven, to our eventual marriages, all we do is in the name of a peaceful, simple existence.  We are taught that anger is not allowed, faith in God is not allowed, anything harmful is forbidden!  I ask of you, is this truly a life, much less, a life worth living? 

Now life was not always like this.  Life used to be full of emotions, both dark and light.  Pain and suffering were not to be avoided, but embraced.  Can we really create true art through the same emotions again and again?  Can we have unique lives if, like our sheep, we only follow what the prior generation and the one ere that tells us what is and what is not?  Shall we continue to spread out our message, this ‘true’ message of peace and simplicity? 

In our origins we survived alongside the old ways; we meant to keep ourselves separate.  We were taught how to survive, how to function as the Waldenites taught us, alongside the supposedly troubled outside world.  Our world knows not the beauty any longer that the old one held.  We are base, functional creatures, only doing what we are told to in hopes of reward, in a hope of praise.  However, if that is not given, do we really care?  Is there a point in keeping our society as such, much less spreading this tale of peace and love and harmony?

How this worked, none of us know.  Did we slowly overtake the old ways?  Did Frazier’s dream go too far?  Was telling the world of our joy too much?  In the past, anarchies, much less utopist anarchies, have always failed.  Why did this one work?  Why did Walden Two prevail? 


The Anarchiste 3

In my own opinion, as well as the rest of us, the Anarchiste, we prevailed through cold force.  Not cruel, mind you, for that would completely oppose the Waldenites views on society’s workings.  Through simply efficiency we took control.  The fact that most peoples only have to work four to six hours a day was the first part.  The Waldenites slowly engineered these people, these practitioners of the old ways, into believing their society is right, their society is good.  At base level, if people believe something is better, or are trained to believe so, they will simply follow.  Look unto the flocks of sheep as an example.  They avoid a simple string, even generations after the original fence was there.  If you teach the next generations a new idea of right and wrong, they will follow.                

Now, dear reader, it may sound as if I believe the Waldenites to be nearer to the ground than God, but, all is not so.  I believe them simply flawed.  I see their ideal society as something that originally offered freedom, a life without restraint; but, as many good ideas of generations past, the idea became tainted through time.  This original idea, the belief that society runs better through usage of ‘best for oneself’ ideas became taken in some areas, and completely disregarded in others.  In a reading of Burris and Frazier’s original writing, it sounds as if the original Waldenites were only concerned with the individual, not the mass.  However, this was most likely never so.  It became tainted with society.  Not all of society is bad, mind you.  However...I cannot say with true force that society is good either.  This modern society, this utilitarian existence, forgets entirely about how the individual feels. 

The individual is taken exquisite care of, and made resistant to disease, harm, anything seen as, st least, on the surface, ‘bad’.  However, past these things, the individuals wants are completely ignored.  If a man would like to court a woman, and yet the two are not allowed

The Anarchiste 4

sufficient time together, no attention is paid to this; it is just seen as a sacrifice to society as a whole.  Much less, anyone or anything that is deemed unacceptable by the majority is then demolished.

The majority does not find it acceptable, for example, for people to follow non-traditional roles for their gender.  The point being made here is that of the possible genius in those forced to follow their gender roles.  The Waldenites automatically assign women to more household, decorative chores; whilst the men are given the rougher jobs, those which require great physical strength or general might.  If a person attempts to fill a role not traditionally given to their gender, they are not denied this opportunity, but, it is seen as deviant behavior, not acceptable by the Walden ideals. 

These Walden ideals are even tainted from their origin!  While Thoreau praised a simplistic life, devoid of others, of society itself, the Waldenites bastardized this ideal, instead twisting it into something that better fit their idea of a utopia.  Now, while it is true that man is social, and must have interaction with society, we have the Waldenites have taken this idea to an odd extreme.  While they avoid crowds, or crowding in general, they also keep all members of towns underneath the same roof, all connected through a central web of tunnels. 

Waldenites have attempted to remove all negative things, even weather!  These tunnels, these covered walkways that lead from one building to another completely removes the randomness of all weather.  If you enjoy the weather outside, you are readily allowed to go out and enjoy it, taking advantage of the beautiful weather God has given you that day.  However, if the weather is bad, do you just ignore this gift from God, simply because it is not as pretty as another?  The Waldenites fail to realize how we must accept all things, joyous or grievous with

The Anarchiste 5

the same vigor.  We must take exactly as we give, if we give poorly, we must also receive poor gifts, sad favors. 

Though true beauty does exist in this Walden nation, it only exists due to pure joyous appreciation of nature, and only comes from good, glorious emotion.  In looking to those who followed the old ways, were the old works created solely out of joy?  No!  They had pain, they had self-awareness.  If the Waldenites continue to ignore the individual in favor of the society in general, then, is man to continue to lose this self-awareness, this simple humanity?!  In readings of ancient religous documents we see how the ancients, who came even before the old ones, understood the simple awareness of the self as the distinction betwixt man and beast.  In the opinion of the Anarchiste, we believe that man must feel pain, must know himself before others, must know his own pain and suffering to truly live. 

To reason out all of this jumbled mess; their utopia, their dreamland, is in essence flawed.  The basis they reasoned from, while, in essence true, was poorly executed.  The only end that a utopia can come to is disaster.  Espicially in this, their Walden, where the individual is ignored and distroyed in favour of the greater good.  Is this greater good, this ease of living worth the sacrafice of small bits of oneself?  We, the Anarchiste stand by the fact that no, it is not, nor shall it ever be so.  Pain and suffering are the basis of life, they are the measure by which we know we are truly alive, and more so, above the sheep in our pasture, the cattle in our dairy.  Rebel, refuse, this drab non-life!  Viva la Anarchiste!

Natasha Wiechert

La Presidentia

Colony of La Anarchiste