John R. Lakey

206 Hyde Hall

Department of Psychology

University of Evansville

Evansville, Indiana 47722





Ph.D. (1973) University of Texas at Austin

Physiological Psychology / Behavioral Neuroscience

M.S. (1968) St. Mary's University of San Antonio

Clinical Psychology

B.A. (1966) University of Texas at Austin

Psychology Major - Chemistry Minor




Professor of Psychology (1990-Present)

Associate Professor of Psychology (1980-89)

Assistant Professor of Psychology (1973-79)

University of Evansville


Instructor of Psychology (1972-73)

Teaching Assistant for Psychology (1969-72)

University of Texas at Austin




Health Services Provider in Psychology (1986-Present)

Private Practice Certificate/License #20010238 (1977-Present)

Indiana State Board of Examiners in Psychology




Charter Member, Association for Psychological Science (1988-Present)

Member, American Psychological Association (1973-1988)



Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Evansville (2012)

Berger Award for Service, University of Evansville (2005)

Fellow, U.S.A.F. Office of Scientific Research (1979-80)

Predoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health (1970-73)



Recently:  Honors Introductory Psychology, Statistics for Psychology with Lab, Sensation and Perception, Senior Review and Thesis.  Past:  Introduction to Neuroscience, Experimental Methods with Lab, Physiological Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Learning and Memory, Engineering (Human Factors) Psychology, Stress Management, First Year Seminar.


Chair, Faculty Senate (1985-86,1991-92), Fiscal Affairs Committee (1988-1991), Promotion and Tenure Committee (1986-87,1992-93); University Parliamentarian (1982-92); Member, Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Retirement Healthcare Benefits (2005, 2008), University Task Force on Retirement Healthcare Benefits (2005-06), VPAA Search Committee (2005-06, 2014-15).


Chair, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (1987-88, 2002, 2008-2013), Coordinator, Neuroscience Program (1978-2008); Search Committees (1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008), Harlaxton College (1996, 2002).


Lakey, Ott, Helm, Koehler, Sandall, & Thomas (1991). Immune response to Trypanosoma lewisi, cerebral asymmetry and behavioral laterality in the Alcohol-Preferring P and Alcohol-Nonpreferring NP female rat lines, Evansville IN: University of Evansville.

Kendall, Wiechman & Lakey (1985). Demography and crime, Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences, 20, 91-97.

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Singh, Lakey & Sanders (1973). Sex differences in body-weight gains following goldthioglucose induced hypothalamic lesions in mice", Physiological Psychology, 1, 237-240.

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