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1973       2003 2009 2012

University of Evansville   

Evansville, Indiana USA

Vita:  Lakey

M: 12-12:50pm TU: nil W:  12-12:50pm & 3-5:00pm TH: 4-5:00pm F:  12-12:50pm & 3-4:00pm

During Session

(FALL 2016 SEMESTER: Classes and Office Hours Begin WED AUG 24, Suspended during Fall Break, MON-TUE OCT 10-11, Thanksgiving Break, WED-FRI NOV 23-25, and End after the last day of classes, DEC 6 they Resume MON JAN 9 for the SPRING 2017 SEMESTER) 

206 Hyde Hall


Email: lakey@evansville.edu


Telephone:  812-488-2531


Honors Introduction to Psychology: PSYC 121H

Statistics for Psychologists: PSYC 245

Sensation and Perception: NEUR/PSYC 355

Senior Review and Thesis:  PSYC 490


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Click UExplore and Summer Programs Elsewhere and Pre-Professional Opportunities

EXAMPLE:  Western Kentucky University was accepting applications for its summer
research program for undergraduate psychology majors. For the 8-week
program, students will receive a $2,400 stipend, lodging, and a meal
allowance. Preference will be given to sophomores and juniors who have had
little or no prior research experience, but who have high levels of
achievement and who have the potential to succeed in graduate school.

Google an institution of interest and search the site for "summer undergraduate research"



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J. Sherrel Lakey

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