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Elizabeth A. Hennon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

University of Evansville
Department of Psychology
1800 Lincoln Ave
Evansville, IN 47722

office: 812-488-2511

My research interests have focused on the links between language development and social cognition.  While some of my work has assessed the abilities of typically-developing infants, other studies have investigated how special populations can illuminate our understanding of language development in general.  My vitae provides a comprehensive listing of my publications; selected articles, talks, and posters are also provided in pdf format below.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Selected Publications

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2008 JSLHR article: Syntactic complexity during conversation of boys with fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome (pdf)

2007 Child Development article: Children with autism illuminate the role of social intention in word learning (pdf)

2006 AJSLP article: Communication in young children with fragile X syndrome: A qualitative study of mothers' perspectives (pdf)

2006 Child Development article: The birth of words: 10-month-olds learn words through perceptual salience (pdf)

2006 JSLHR article: Articulation rate and vowel space characteristics of young males with fragile X syndrome: Preliminary acoustic findings (pdf).

2006 Parenting: Science and Practice article: Social risk and protective child, parenting, and child care factors in early elementary school years (pdf)

October 2005 JSLHR article: A comparison of phonological skills of boys with fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome (pdf)

April 2005 JSLHR article: Auditory brainstem responses in young males with fragile X syndrome (pdf)

2003 ASHA Leader article: Fragile X syndrome and speech and language (pdf)

2002 Dissertation:  Attentional versus intentional social information: Evidence from an autistic population (pdf)

2002 Developmental Psychology article: Young children can extend motion verbs to point-light displays (pdf)

Talks & Posters

2005 SRCD conference poster: Fragile X syndrome and Down syndrome: Language profiles in children (pdf)

2004 International Fragile X Conference poster: Remembering stories: A comparison of young males with fragile X syndrome and typically-developing males (pdf).

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