MILton Z. Tinker
Memorial organ
In 1919, Alfred Hughes, the first president of Evansville College, urged the city of Evansville to purchase a great concert organ, hailed as "one of the largest organs in the United States.”
The four-manual and pedal organ with six divisions was placed in the recently completed Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum in downtown Evansville.
Milton Z. Tinker Memorial Plaque
Milton Z. Tinker
Methodist Centenary Entrance Arch
Columbus, Ohio 1919
Celebrating Evansville’s New Municipal Organ
Swell, Solo, Pedal speak through grill at left of stage
Great, Choir Pedal speak through grill at right of stage
1931 M.P. Möller Console
Great Stop Knobs
Stop Knobs are made of solid ivory
Console Nameplate
1931 M.P. Möller Artiste Player Mechanism
Great Open Diapason 8’
Leathered Diapason in Great
Swell Division
Swell Division
Swell Reed Stops
Swell Division
Swell Vox Humana 8’
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