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Welcome to the PT 431 Gross Anatomy Home Page and Welcome to the PT Program at UE. I hope you have an enjoyable summer and learn a lot in gross anatomy. Please try not to do too much during the six weeks classes meet, such as working too much and commuting long distances each day. If you were accepted into the program, you will no doubt be successful. Problems arise when students add too much to their already busy schedules.

This page is provided for your convenience and provides links to information that may be important to you.

Each year several students inquire about the human body donation program that provides human bodies for PT 431. For more information about this wonderful program please visit the Indiana University Anatomical Education Program.

PT 431 Syllabus

Rules of the Lab and other information (for more information please refer to your lab manual):

The following attire is mandatory for all cadaver labs and an asterisk (*) indicates the item can be purchased in the UE bookstore:

1.      *Gloves: made of Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, or PVC.  No latex gloves!

2.      *Goggles/protective glasses—glasses recommended - Those with contact lenses should were goggles since the contact lenses can absorb chemical vapors.

3.      Lab coat (Graciously provided by the PT Department)

4.      Pants (no shorts)

5.      Closed toe shoes and socks (no sandals)

Lab equipment (dissection kits sold in the UE bookstore):

1.      *6 Metal handled scalpel: may be purchased at book store

2.      *Blunt stainless steel probe

3.      *Blunt-end forceps

4.      *3 scalpel blades—size 20 (located in bookstore)

  • If skin or eyes come in direct contact with any fluids in the laboratory, flush immediately with water and notify an instructor or lab assistant.

Links to Anatomy sites
There are too many anatomy sites to list on this page, however I have put together a few to get you started. If you find any great anatomy sites, please let me know and I will put them up on the site.

Human Cadaver dissection videos. This site has some good dissection demonstrations.

Human Cadaver dissection videos. This site has some good dissection demonstrations.

Interactive Atlases Digital Anatomist Project. This site has links to other anatomy sites.

Gray's Anatomy through

Ithaca College Gross Anatomy. This site is an interactive dissection containing actual cadaver photographs.

Loyola University. This is a nice site with some great information (List of threes) and a comprehensive link list.

Southern California Orthopedic Institute.

University of Washington Anatomy Modules.






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