Molluscan Links

Freshwater Mussel Genera of the World Information and photographs of the World's freshwater mussel genera

Freshwater Mussels of Alabama Photographs of freshwater snails and mussels of Alabama.

Illinois Natural History Survey Mollusk Collection Information and photos of freshwater and land molluscs of Illinois

Mussels of the Midwest Fieldguide A useful guide to the mussels of the midwest

Unio Gallery A gallery of photographs and videos is intended to encourage interest in the freshwater pearly mussels

Division of Molluscs From Ohio State University's Museum of Biological Diversity

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Devoted to public education and conservation of freshwater mollusks

Images of Endangered Molluscs Images of endangered molluscs of the United States

Freshwater Snails of Florida A field guide to freshwater snails of Florida

Molluscan pictures Images of molluscs from southeast Asia

Identification of North American Freshwater Snails A compilation of guidebooks, keys, etc. for identifying freshwater gastropods

Mollusc Molecular News An informal newsletter for researchers working with mollusc DNA and RNA.

Unio Listserver Focusing on the biology, ecology and evolution of freshwater unionid mussels.