Biology 399 - History of Life 
Lecture Syllabus 
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Introduction: Why study the History of Life?
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
Geologic Time Scale
How to Measure Geologic Time
Discussion of Article #1
 Geologic Time
The Origin of Life
Discussion of Article #2
The Origin of Life: Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Molecules
Early Life on Planet Earth
Discussion of Article #3
Cyanobacteria: Fossil Record
Origin of Eukaryotes
Origin of Multicelluar Organisms
Discussion of Article #4
Quiz on Crucible of Creation (Friday)
Endosymbiotic Theory
Multicellular Organisms
Evolution of Early Animal Life
The Ediacarans 
The Cambrian Explosion
 10/07 Life on a Changing Planet An Introduction to Plate Tectonics
 10/14 Fall Recess; Discuss Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck?   The Extinction Files
Vertebrate Origins
Discussion of Article #5
Dawn of Vertebrates 
Early Fossil Fishes
The Terrestrial Invasion
Discussion of Article #6
The Invasion of Land
 11/04 A brief history of amphibians and reptiles EXAM 2  Late Paleozoic Life
The Beginning and the End of the Dinosaurs 
Discussion of Article #7
Evolution of the Dinosaurs
The Evolution of Flight 
Discussion of Article #8  
Vertebrate Flight
The Origin of Mammals
Thanksgiving Recess 
The Evolution of Mammals
The Evolution of Cenozoic Mammals 
Web Site Presentations 
The Age of Mammals
 12/09 Web Site Presentations  
 12/12 FINAL EXAM (8:00 am)